Mexico City's Most Luxurious Neighborhoods

Mexico City's Most Luxurious Neighborhoods

Mexico City is the largest city in North America, so it’s only natural to find some very high-end neighborhoods, or as the Spanish say "barrios," in this corner of the world.

There are many different neighborhoods that would be considered luxurious in Mexico City. But the main ones include: Bosque de Lomas, Polanco, and Santa Fe.  These three barrios are some of Mexico City’s most expensive and safest neighborhoods filled with luxurious apartments and amenities. They are havens for the rich of Mexico City.

The Three Luxury Neighborhoods

Bosque de Lomas is more of a residential area of Mexico City. There are still plenty of malls here. But the majority will have a more residential feel to it. There are plenty of skyscrapers in this part of town. Be aware that the temperature is a little higher, and you can get better views of the mountains in this neighborhood.

Polanco is at the heart of the action. The most expensive street in Mexico can be found here: Presidente Masaryk Avenue. Here you can find the luxury brands when shopping. Polanco is also notable for having a wide assortment of restaurants, bars and malls all in the same area. To get a feel of the city life, this is where most would come. It has some of the most luxurious malls as well. For instance Antara Mall is filled with an assortment of luxury brands, and the interior architecture is just as fascinating.

Santa Fe is the last on the list. It is one of the newest neighborhoods of Mexico City. Here you’ll find the biggest mall in Mexico City: Santa Fe Centro Comercial. There is also a park called La Mexicana which gets packed with families on Sundays. The main road is Avenida Santa Fe, where you will find high rises filling the streets. On one side are mostly office buildings where you’ll see helicopter pads, and on the other side are iconic luxury apartments in Mexico City.

For staying long term, Santa Fe or Bosque de Lomas could be better choices than Polanco. However for the vibrancy and being close to activities Polanco would be ideal. Polanco would certainly be the better choice of the neighborhoods if you’re there for only a short trip.

Other Notable Luxury Neighborhoods

These neighborhoods would not be in the same tier as the above neighborhoods. However, they are still considered an upper tier barrio in Mexico.

The two other neighborhoods worth mentioning are Condesa and Roma Norte. They would be considered upper scale neighborhoods in Mexico City.

If you’re looking to stay long term in Mexico City a lot of people choose this area. You will see a lot of expats in this area but it hasn’t ruined the local flare which still remains in this area.

Roma Norte has a hipster feel to it. Here you can find a lot of events occurring as well as different restaurants. If you find yourself lacking on a late Friday evening, this barrio will surely strike a bargain for experience.

Condesa like Roma Norte has more of a hipster feel to it. There are also two notable parks in this area: Mexico Park and Spain Park. Mexico Park is the larger of the two and is surrounded by a lot of local shops and places to eat and drink. It almost has a Parisian vibe to it.

For those who plan on staying short term, Condesa would be the better option, or for longer options, find Mexico tours