Milan's Hotel Principe di Savoia Creates Custom 'Principe Gin'

Milan's Hotel Principe di Savoia Creates Custom 'Principe Gin'

Hotel Principe di Savoia, part of Dorchester Collection, pays tribute to the city and its history with the creation of Principe Gin: a custom-made gin, made by the Cillario & Marazzi distillery, in the heart of the Varese Prealps. The distillery famous for the use of high-quality organic ingredients and artisan production methods, has brought the wishes of the Bar Manager of Principe Bar, Daniele Confalonieri, to life to create this exclusive gin. The bottle and stylish label, designed by London artist Jordan Nelson, carefully match this precious gin, which can be consumed at Principe Bar and purchased exclusively inside the hotel and soon on the online store. (Principe Gin 750 ml Saverglass bottle – price 250 euro)

A spirit with a soft, elegant and pleasant taste: Principe Gin is characterized by a predominant, but delicate, note of mulberry blackberry, which is flanked by hints of lime honey, rosemary and mint, with a lemongrass finish that provides each sip with a charming freshness. Ideally served on its own with an ice cube to savour all the aromas, it is also mixed in signature cocktails.

The birth of Principe Gin is a result of Bar Manager Daniele Confalonieri who, together with Cillario & Marazzi, carefully selected the blend of this distillate to satisfy guests’ tastes. Using his mastery, he also created a drink list of four signature cocktails, which will be integrated into the bar's offering and perfectly paired with food creations curated by Acanto chef, Alessandro Buffolino.

To kick things off, the classic Gin Tonic is presented with a dash of blue, the colour of Hotel Principe di Savoia, combined with "Podere Cadassa" culatello veils and carasau bread. Then, you will find the long drink "Mi-Va'", based on Campari and Principe Gin, which plays on the origins of the two ingredients, Milan and Varese, served with tempura prawns. And if you are looking for an after dinner drink, enjoy a Martini consisting of Principe Gin, St. Germain liqueur, agave syrup and Domaine De Canton ginger liqueur steam, paired with fried courgette flowers with mozzarella and Cantabrian Sea anchovies.

For the premium 750 ml Saverglass bottle, the London illustrator Jordan Nelson wanted to express the essence of Milan, a city of fashion and lifestyle, made of vibrant and stylish people, using the colour palette of The Principe and a stylized face. Packed in a stylish box, Principe Gin makes a perfect gift for  mixology enthusiasts, and also as a memento of a pleasant stay at Hotel Principe di Savoia.

I am extremely happy to have created this new gin with Cillario & Marazzi", declares Ezio Indiani, General Manager at Hotel Principe di Savoia. "Based on the soft taste of mulberry berry, Principe Gin will certainly be appreciated by all our guests. The skill of our barman Daniele Confalonieri will make the most of this excellent distillate”.

Cillario & Marazzi is known for their use of carefully selected fresh botanicals, enhanced by certified organic Italian wheat alcohol and pure mountain water. The distillation takes place using the London Dry Vapour Infused method, which delicately extracts aroma and taste, giving the gin unique characteristics.

With its strong hints of mulberry blackberry, Principe Gin transports you back in time, during the reign of Ludovico Maria Sforza, known as "il Moro", who introduced mulberry trees in the Lombard countryside, a natural habitat for the silkworm, thus promoting the entire production chain of this precious fabric, used in fashion and design industries. Principe Gin, therefore, pays homage to the Lombardy silk tradition, and Milan, the ultimate capital of fashion.