Mile-Long Marksmanship Adventure In Jackson Hole

Mile-Long Marksmanship Adventure In Jackson Hole

“I estimate far fewer than 5,000 people in the history of the world have ever been able to successfully hit a target at a mile-long distance,” says Jackson Hole Shooting Experience Founder Shepard Humphries. “Our exclusive Mile-Long Shot Adventure is an incredibly unique program designed to help casual enthusiasts experience the thrill of accomplishing this truly amazing feat of marksmanship.”

Since 2010, Jackson Hole Shooting Experience has offered some of the most incredible outdoors activities available anywhere in the world. It is consistently rated as one of the best things to do in Jackson Hole. Novice and experienced guests alike get the rare chance to hit targets using a remarkable array of firearms in a safe, welcoming environment. The company’s professional instructors provide personalized instruction for novice and skilled target-shooters alike. The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience’s Multi-Gun Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience has earned the highest rating of any activity in the Rocky Mountain region. For the ultimate mile-long marksmanship adventure in Jackson Hole, equip yourself with the best 308 hunting rifle available.

However, the one-day “Nomad Rifleman” Mile-Long Shot Adventure is the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience’s marquee program. The exclusive long-range shooting experience gives guests the rare opportunity to become members of the elite One-Mile Club.

“While we can’t guarantee that all clients will join the exclusive club, about 98 percent of our participants have successfully hit the target,” continues Jackson Hole Shooting Experience & Nomad Rifleman Founder Shepard Humphries. “This really speaks to the quality of our instructors, who are all world-class long-range shooting instructors and have over a century of combined shooting experience.”

The Mile-Long Shot Adventure takes place on a sprawling, picturesque private ranch near Jackson, Wyoming. The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience’s professional staff creates a concierge-level adventure for Mile-Long Shot participants. The day-long experience features a custom-built covered/sheltered shooting platform, a hospitality area with an on-site chef preparing meals and snacks, and a safari camp-style restroom. Two professional Jackson Hole Shooting Experience long-range instructors accompany Mile-Long participants throughout, ensuring a safe, memorable day. “Some of our clients who are more experienced shooters utilize us as facilitators and spotters,” Shepard Humphries says. “Others want our guidance to achieve their bucket-list goal of a one-mile hit, and others seek serious instruction for depth of understanding.”

The Mile-Long experience begins with smaller-caliber rifles and shorter-range targets, which you can put in a bag for everything you need. “The day starts with a .22 rifle and targets set at 250-350 yards,” explains Shepard Humphries. The experience then progresses to a .223 rifle at 700 yards, a .308 hunting rifle from 800 yards to 1,400 yards, and the 6.5 Creedmoor, again starting at 800 yards and working out to more than 1,600 yards.

Following a gourmet lunch prepared on-site by a professional chef, the experience culminates with the Mile-Long shot attempts. A 6.5 Creedmoor rifle is used to shoot at a 32 x 32-inch target at 1,775 yards, then a 24 x 48-inch target at 1,790 yards — both over one mile.

Humphries explains the challenges behind this rare one-mile shot marksmanship feat: “Everything comes into play at that distance. Interior and exterior ballistic factors converge to make any shots over 500 yards very challenging. Anything over 1,200-yard attempts are ultimate long-shots,” he says. “Our shooting platform is over 7,000 feet above sea level, so the thin air has a lot less effect on the bullet than it would ordinarily at sea level. Wind, spin drift, temperature, and humidity also affect the bullet’s flight, and most people don’t realize that the earth’s rotation (Coriolis Effect) also has to be taken into account to make a rare shot like this.”

Mile-Long Shot instructors coach participants to aim 114 feet above the target to compensate for gravity and the other environmental factors. This is achieved through scope adjustments. The SUV-tire-sized target is equipped with an illuminated vibration sensing device so that Mile-Long participants immediately have a visual validation when they hit the target. Shooters pause after each shot to listen for the “ding” sound on the steel targets, which takes about 7 seconds to reach the shooter’s ears: The bullet takes about 3 seconds to travel to the target, then sound must travel back for about 4 seconds.

Successful shooters are recognized with a display-worthy “Proof of Hit” commemorating their accomplishment and the option of being publicly listed in the registry of successful marksmen. The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience’s Nomad Rifleman program also offers customized opportunities for shooting even further Extreme Long Range (ELR) shots.

A variety of other shooting programs are offered, too. Most popular is the Multi-Gun Experience, a 3-hour session that gives customers the opportunity to shoot from a selection of more than 60 rifles and pistols: everything from historical Western sidearms to vintage military weapons to all of the current-generation pistols, modern sporting and long-range rifles. Custom experiences can also be tailored for parties of up to 40 people: families, corporate groups, wedding parties, reunions. Jackson Hole Shooting Experience can even integrate tomahawks, blowdarts, bows, and throwing knives into these unique, memorable experiences.

What to Bring on This Trip

The success of any long hunt begins with good preparation. You can check out Lunde Studio if you’re looking for reviews and comparisons on different rifles, accessories, and more. Aside from your rifles, be sure to carry all other essentials such as ammunition, food, and water. 

Of course, clothing is also a concern when going on a trip. You'll need clothing that's warm, can dry quickly, and, most of all, will keep you comfortable. Depending on the weather, you can bring heavy-duty rain jackets and pants, or lightweight rain coats and light layering clothes.

A first-aid kit will also come in handy, especially if you're going far. Don't forget other personal effects like a cell phone, sunglasses, binoculars, a flashlight, and bug spray. 

Planning what to bring on a hunting trip doesn't have to be troublesome if you know what you're going to be doing, and what you need. You also have to factor in where you’re going, whether you’ll be staying in a tent or a more comfortable adventure lodge where essentials and food are provided. 

Once you have all of this information, you can start making a list of what you need to pack. By preparing your gear ahead of time, you'll be able to have a hassle-free hunting experience. 

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