Millionaire Survey Reveals Best and Worst Holiday Gifts for the Wealthy Man

Millionaire Survey Reveals Best and Worst Holiday Gifts for the Wealthy Man
4,287 male millionaires surveyed were asked to “approve” or “disapprove” of 25 of the most common Christmas gifts for men. According to the results, watches were the most widely-favored gift (88 Percent), whereas gift cards and certificates carried little interest from millionaires (4 Percent).

“Thanks for the gift card!” said no millionaire, ever. A male survey conducted by the world's premiere millionaire-dating website,, revealed what to get the man who truly has everything.

The millionaire-dating site presented a list of 25 common Christmas gifts for men, asking the millionaires to either “approve” or “disapprove” of receiving the gift. The top five results were ranked according to the highest approval and disapproval rating given by millionaires:

Gifts Millionaires Love (According to 4,287 Millionaires Who “Approve”):

Watches - 88 Percent
Wine/Spirits - 81 Percent
Cufflinks - 80 Percent
Unique Experiences (Riding, Flying, etc.) - 76 Percent
New Technology/Tools - 75 Percent

Gifts Millionaires Hate (According to 4,287 Millionaires Who “Disapprove”):

Gift Cards/Gift Certificates - 96 Percent
Cologne - 91 Percent
Clothing - 89 Percent
Books - 83 Percent
Picture Frames/Photos - 77 Percent

"Millionaires have an appreciation for detail, which is why the majority favor accessories such as watches and cufflinks," says Brandon Wade, self-made millionaire and Founder of “Avoid giving millionaires presents that involve preference. Gifts like cologne, clothing, and books often fall short because personal taste is so unique.”