Miraval Resort & Spa Offers New Mindful Culinary Week

Miraval Resort & Spa Offers New Mindful Culinary Week
Taking place over two weeks, one on April 11th – 17th and the other on August 8th -14th, Miraval Resort & Spa will offer a series of lectures, hands-on workshops and interactive classes including:

Miraval's Farm to Table Experience: A multi-course, dinner paired with biodynamic wines followed by a unique honey tasting with executive chef Brandon Cathey, local farmer Richard Starkey and resident beekeeper Noel Patterson who will explain the importance of incorporating locally-sourced ingredients into the diet.
Anti-Inflammatory Workshop: An interactive class that teaches guests how to clean out their kitchen cabinets and adapt to a more anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Simple and approachable meal and snack recipes and preparation techniques are also explained.
Clean Cooking: Learn how to prepare easy and delicious clean recipes with a hands-on cooking demonstration on plant-based cooking.
Mindful Eating: Miraval's nutritionist, Angela Onsgard, R.D., teaches guests how to learn to listen and respond intuitively to their body's nutritional needs during this experiential class.

More information: http://www.miravalresorts.com/plan_your_stay/upcoming_events/the_flavor_of_health/