Mixing Bali with Business at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

Mixing Bali with Business at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
The ‘Meet the Banjar' meeting package provides the perfect balance between business and leisure, with extensive meeting facilities and the latest audio visual technologies. Committed to bringing one-of-a-kind events to life, the dedicated Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali will stage a tailor-made experience, while delivering excellent service through genuine Balinese hospitality.

Derived from the word, ‘Banjar,' a basic unit society in the Balinese culture, the ‘Meet the Banjar' meeting package is routed in rich cultural traditions. Presenting a spirit of community and democracy, the philosophy of meetings in Bali is surrounded by the idea of people gathering in a place called ‘Bale Banjar,' where all decisions concerning social welfare and the future of residents are made. At the ‘Banjar,' locals also gather to craft offerings for their Gods and blessing decorations for their villages made mainly of palm leaves, tropical flowers, or bamboo. At The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, the curated meeting offer was designed to capture the local heritage and spirit, enriching the life of each attendee by producing extraordinary events.

Blessed with lava enriched soil – the perfect land to grow vegetables, tropical fruits and rare spices, native culinary traditions demonstrate the indigenous and rich heritage. Using each ingredient to benefit the human body, the resort's catering team has expertly crafted a unique culinary experience as part of the ‘Meet the Banjar' meeting package. The Fruit Market Break presents the island's freshest harvest from garden-to-table bites that are uniquely prepared to delight all appetites. The Balinese Sweet Break introduces celebrated traditional refreshments from different areas of the island, made of three main ingredients – rice flour, coconut, and palm sugar. Set outdoors amidst the soothing ocean breeze, The Warung Lunch is a street-food market setting, providing guests with the opportunity to sample various local dishes. Rich in flavor and spices, the food is served in traditional food carts, freshly made on property to amuse their culinary adventure.

For an impeccable closing to the meeting and to leave a memorable feeling of the destination, guests can opt for an Indian Ocean Dinner. As the night falls and the stars appear, guests will turn in their shoes to the resort's devoted shoe concierge for a relaxed, shoeless atmosphere created by local-inspired decorations, attractive entertainment, and distinctive cuisine.

Set to reflect a Balinese fisherman village, the resort's golden beach setting is illuminated by twilight bonfires and tiki torches. Elegant tables are sculpted deep into the sands, offering intimate dining dens, and a natural amphitheater, from which guests can feast on world class dishes. A truly festive atmosphere, attendees will enjoy a visual journey of traditional dance and music in the most spectacular settings.

The ‘Meet the Banjar' meeting package is available starting at USD185 plus 21% tax and service charge. For more information on the resort's meeting and event offerings, visit www.ritzcarlton.com/bali and join the conversation on social media with #RCMemories.