Monarch Air Group Names Top 10 Golf Destinations by Private Jet

Monarch Air Group Names Top 10 Golf Destinations by Private Jet

Fort Lauderdale based private jet provider shares insights of flight requests to the most popular courses via executive charter.

Golf and private aviation

Private aviation and golf go hand in hand. In fact, it is well known that professional golfers have been using executive flights for decades to accommodate to their rigorous schedules across the world. That trend equates to all golf lovers around the globe, with various country clubs located in remote places, usually far from main cities and international airports, and closer to smaller regional terminals suited for private aircraft.

Autumn is a fantastic time of the year to enjoy top golf courses, with beautiful colors and breathtaking landscapes. And with domestic private jet travel reaching record highs due to the pandemic, Monarch Air Group has elaborated a list with the top 10 golf destinations in the U.S. according to the number of bookings, with Oregon, North Carolina and Alabama leading the way. Although each of the states mentioned below have various quality golf courses, only the top three are ranked as reported by Golf Digest Magazine.

Have you traveled with golf equipment on a commercial flight before? Yes, not ideal. When flying on a private jet with your clubs you will not need to check them in, pay extra costs due to weight restrictions or worry about damage. Did you know some airlines do not even compensate for it? In essence, flying with your clubs in the private jet’s cabin will reduce stress and uncertainty to the minimum, thus allowing you and your golf crew to enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Furthermore, this piece displays just how flexible private aviation can be, with an airport almost exclusively serving each course thus enabling passengers to arrive just a few miles away and avoid extra hours and costs on ground transportation.


The Pacific Northwest leads the rankings as the top golf related private jet destination in the U.S. Oregon has various quality executive airports, although the closest airport that serves the top three courses in the state is Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (OTH), with an average 25 miles from each country club. This is very convenient and justifies why Oregon is the top destination, as passengers, in just one trip to the state, can visit all top courses in a few days.

Top courses

1. Pacific Dunes
2. Bandon Dunes
3. Old Macdonald


With great weather this time of the year and country clubs, it is no surprise that North Carolina comes in second place. Jackson County Airport is 25 miles away from the Wade Hampton Golf Course, while Pinehurst Resort is just 6 miles from Moore County Airport (SOP). Diamond Creek Golf Course is located 20 miles from Boone Airport (NC14), although this airstrip only can serve private turboprops due to the length of its runway.

Top courses

1. Wade Hampton G.C.
2. Pinehurst Resort
3. Diamond Creek G.C.


This state’s top three courses have very conveniently located regional airports. The Country Club of Birmingham is just eight miles from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM) while Shoal Creek is only 21 miles separated from the same terminal. The Ledges Country Club located in the northern tip of Alabama, has Huntsville Executive Airport (KMDQ) just 20 miles away.

Top courses

1. Shoal Creek
2. C.C. of Birmingham
3. The Ledges C.C.


Although California has great golf courses, it also has plenty of packed airports. Good thing that the top three courses in the state have great locations. For number 1 and 2, Monterey Regional Airport (MRY) is just 9 miles away, as both country clubs are very close. The Los Angeles Country Club is 12 miles removed from LA International Airport (LAX), and although it has heavy traffic year-round, it also offers one of the top private jet infrastructures in the world.

Top courses

1. Cypress Point Club
2. Pebble Beach
3. Los Angeles C.C.


With perfect weather all year, Florida’s golf courses never get old. The top three options have a specific terminal for landing a private jet. The Seminole Golf Course is 17 miles away from the Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), the TPC Sawgrass is 18 miles from the Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport (JAXEX) and Calusa Pines G.C. is 15 miles from Naples International Airport (NAP).

Top courses

1. Seminole G.C.
2. TPC Sawgrass
3. Calusa Pines G.C.


You should enjoy the courses in Wisconsin while you can, because we all know that winters are brutal. Again, three conveniently located airports connect in few miles with the top country clubs in the state. For Whistling Straits, Sheboygan County Memorial Airport (SBM) is just 12 miles away, while Erwin Hills only 9 miles from Hartford Municipal Airport (HXF). Timmerman Airport (MWC) is the closest to the Milwaukee Country Club at only 8 miles.

Top courses

1. Whistling Straits
2. Erin Hills
3. Milwaukee C.C.


Home of the Masters Tournament, the Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most famous golf courses in the world and it sits just 13 miles from the Augusta Regional Airport (AGS). At number two comes the Ohoopee Match Club, located 17 miles from Vidalia Regional Airport (VDI). Finally, Peachtree G.C. is the country club that is closest to a terminal on this list, just 2 miles from DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK).

Top courses

1. Augusta National Golf Club
2. Ohoopee Match Club
3. Peachtree G.C.


Located in the west ridge of Lake Michigan, both number one and three of Golf Digest’s top courses in Michigan are an average 15 miles away from Frankfort Dow Memorial Airport (FKS). Oakland Hills Country Club is 25 miles removed from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW).

Top courses

1. Crystal Downs C.C.
2. Oakland Hills C.C.
3. Arcadia Bluffs G.C.


Three courses in three different islands. A perfect setting for private aviation. Nanea Golf Course is located in the west coast of Hawaii's Big Island, 10 miles from Kona International Airport (KOA). Manele is 8 miles from Lanai Airport (LNY), the only airport serving the island of Lanai. Finally, Kapalua is in Maui, and 30 miles separated from Kahului Airport (OGG).

Top courses

1. Nanea G.C.
2. Manele
3. Kapalua


A breathtaking golf course closes the list. The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island in eastern South Carolina is a thing of beauty. Grass, sand, and ocean. It is located 20 miles from Charleston Executive Airport (JZI), the same terminal that serves Congaree G.C., although located 70 miles away, the most remote field on this list. While Yeamans Hall Club is only 8 miles from Charleston International Airport (CHS).

Top courses

1. The Ocean Course
2. Congaree G.C.
3. Yeamans Hall Club<