Money-saving Tips for the Ultimate Luxury Honeymoon

Money-saving Tips for the Ultimate Luxury Honeymoon

Planning a wedding can certainly be expensive, and you may still be recovering from the high costs! If so, it could be worth looking for ways to save money on the cost of your honeymoon.

We don’t want you to compromise on your honeymoon experience, though. That’s why we’ve listed our top money-saving tips to ensure you can still enjoy your dream luxury honeymoon.

Travel off-peak

Try to travel outside of peak season – not only to avoid the tourists but to save a bit of cash, too. Peak times are dependent on your destination, so make sure to do your research beforehand so you can take advantage of the quieter periods.

You should also try to avoid the school holidays too, if possible. Due to a large number of families travelling during this time, the demand for trips abroad is huge, and therefore, the prices are too.

Be aware of big events

Be sure to check for any large-scale events at your honeymoon destination, as these can hike up the prices. From big sporting events and carnivals to national holidays and festivals, these locations will certainly be trying to maximise profits due to the nature and popularity of the events.

Plan ahead

Booking last minute can often incur extra charges and you might not get the chance to secure the best possible deals. Booking earlier can help you make bigger savings.

You could also consider setting up a ‘Honeyfund’ if you’re planning your trip in advance. Simply putting aside some money every month can help ease the cost when your book the trip, as you’ll already have some money readily available.

You could even ask your wedding guests to contribute to the fund, instead of them giving you gifts on your wedding day. It may be worth opening an extra savings account, so you can easily see your dedicated funds all in one place.

Research the currency

Whilst many credit and debit cards can be used internationally, it’s always worth researching the currency and exchange rates of your honeymoon location. You could save a significant amount of money by choosing debit cards with the best exchange rates.

Not all countries operate a cashless system either, so make sure you take out some extra spending money in case you’re not able to use your card.

Consider unique locations

Why not head to a unique destination for your honeymoon that tourists don’t usually visit? The world has so many beautiful locations to explore, and you’ll be sure to make some amazing memories, too.

Places in Southeast Asia are very cheap, and there are some very luxurious resorts, that are both off the beaten track and a fraction of the cost for European resorts.