New Travel Essential: Moroccan Magic Organic Lip Balm

New Travel Essential: Moroccan Magic Organic Lip Balm

Moroccan Magic​, a USDA Organic certified argan and essential oil-infused lip balm brand has innovated the mainstream lip care market with safer, non-toxic, higher quality everyday lip balms.

The brand is outselling some of the larger lip balms on shelves in retailers nationwide from Target, Walgreens, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods Markets, Wegmans and more.

One of the brand's biggest advocates is Oprah Winfrey's makeup artist, Derrick Rutledge. He calls this new hidden gem, “the smoothest lip balm ever.” and we can concur, it is amazingly smooth and soothing.

Their unique flavors come in: Peppermint Eucalyptus, Lavender Vanilla, Coconut Almond, Lemon Thyme, Manuka Honey, Elderberry, Coconut Almond, Rose, as well as Unscented which retail for $3.99.

Kristina Tsipouras, the brand's creator says, “We didn’t want to create just another lip balm, we wanted our lip balm to feel special, buttery smooth and luxurious for the everyday consumer. Sure, we all splurge on our face products, but America deserved a better lip balm for less.”

The idea for Moroccan Magic was born after Kristina Tsipouras, Founder and CEO, received a bottle of 100% organic cold pressed argan oil from a friend who visited Morocco. Tsipouras began using the oil on her lips and skin and couldn’t believe the moisturizing results. She immediately began experimenting with argan oil coupled with different ingredients like Vitamin A and E and top essential oils, and after months of trial and error, Tsipouras discovered the perfect formula to create the ultimate argan oil lip balm.

Moroccan Magic delivers an ultra-hydrating formula of high-quality organic cold pressed argan oil, essential oils and healing herbs to treat lips to unprecedented moisture coupled with toning and smoothing properties. Argan oil is regarded around the world for its extraordinary anti-aging and conditioning benefits, and when incorporated into a lip balm formula, the result is an effective treatment that’s quick absorbing and highly moisturizing.

Packaged in a sleek black .15oz tube, the aesthetic of Moroccan Magic appeals to men and women, alike, and offers an attractive and convenient way to aid dry, chapped and peeling lips. The full line of Moroccan Magic flavors are available on their site ​​. With its growing popularity with celebrity makeup artists and beauty editors, Moroccan Magic’s entire collection has been picked up by several national retailers and are now available in over 30,000 stores across the United States including Whole Foods Markets and CVS, and on Amazon. Moroccan Magic retails for $3.99 and are sold alongside other leading lip balms.