Most Popular Winter Escape Routes by Private Jet

Most Popular Winter Escape Routes by Private Jet
Based on insights from industry experts and previous years' private jet bookings from Victor, the premier global on-demand private jet charter service – we have pulled together the most popular winter escape routes for those flying private in the U.S., from Aspen to Los Cabos:

1. New York City to Palm Beach, FL
2. New York City to Aspen, CO
3. San Francisco to Los Cabos, MX
4. Los Angeles to Vail, CO
5. Houston to Aspen, CO
6. Los Angeles to Cancun, MX

Aviation experts such as Victor SVP David Young, who oversees all North American operations for the global aviation company, agree that these destinations reflect migration patterns based on geographic seasons. On the West Coast, people tend to split their leisure time flying between ski resorts and beach vacations. On the East Coast, private air travelers typically travel to warmer regions such as Florida and the Bahamas for the long holiday weekends.

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