Motorboat vs. Sailboat Charter: Which is the best for you?

Motorboat vs. Sailboat Charter: Which is the best for you?

A yachting holiday can be adventurous, relaxing, inspiring, and many other things. If you’re planning a yachting vacation for this summer, one of the first things you will have to decide will be the type of boat you want, if you don’t already own one. You will have to choose between a motor yacht charter and a sailing boat, and your decision will depend on a number of factors. Your destination, the number of people who will be traveling, and the kind of experience you want to have will all help you decide on which kind of boat to head out to sea.

A sailboat will take you on an adventurous, romantic journey where you will connect with the sea and the elements. Unless you opt for a fully crewed charter, you will also learn the basics of sailing and handling the ropes, the sails and the terminology. Motor yachts offer speed, excitement and all kinds of possibilities for onboard entertainment. Each experience is unique, and you can choose which one is right for you this summer.

Bring the Party With You on a Motor Yacht

Motor boat yachts are descended from sailing yachts but with one big difference. They are powered by engines rather than sails, which makes you independent of weather conditions. Their powerful engines make them very stable, and give you the  speed and freedom to chart your own route.

Because of their design, which has a shallower draft, motor yachts can navigate shallow coastal waters. This makes them the ideal craft for island hopping, whether it’s the Caribbean or the Aegean Sea. These roomy craft also have facilities like bars, jacuzzis, and even dance floors and bars swimming pools. There’s plenty of space for parties, fundraisers and larger groups.

Motor yachts generally have larger cabins and more room. Cost is another factor in deciding between a motor yacht or a sailing boat, and motor yacht charters can be very reasonably priced. Keep in mind however that fuel costs will tend to run high.

If speed in getting to your destination is a consideration, motor yachts are the better choice. If however you want to travel the seas powered by the wind, a sailing boat is right for you.

Sailboat Charters Take You Anywhere You Want to Go

A sailboat charter is the perfect getaway, because it is a little floating world of its own. If you’re new to sailing, you’ll be glad to hear that sailboats are also very stable.  There are many different types of sailboats, based on their design and size.

Typical charter sailboats will have anywhere from one to six cabins, located on the lower deck. There’s usually also a saloon, which can be a dining room and common area. It can also be used for extra sleeping space at night.

Sailboats generally have fewer people on board than motor yachts, and they can do longer trips. In fact, they can take you to all kinds of exotic destinations, from the Mediterranean to Tahiti and points between. You can even circumnavigate the globe.

Sailboat charters are a great idea for a family vacation. There’s less room on a sailboat than a motor yacht, and more shared spaces. Keep in mind that life onboard in close quarters can produce its own stresses, and chose your travel companions and their cabin allotments carefully.

Different Types of Sailboat Charters

Depending on your sailing experience and the level of comfort you’re looking for on your yachting holiday, several different types of sailing boat charters are available. You can pick a bareboat charter without a crew, or a skippered yacht charter where you get a boat and a skipper, or a fully crewed yacht.

Bareboat charters are suitable if you or a member of your party is a licensed skipper with all the requisite certificates, permits and documents. That’s because you will be sailing on your own, so it’s necessary to have someone who knows what they’re doing and can guide others. The yacht will come fully equipped with a reservoir of fuel, ropes, life jackets and other necessities. There may also be extras like a generator, air-conditioning, coffee machine, ice maker etc.

Bareboat charters are best for sailing in waters which have easy access to anchorage in case of rough weather, like the most of Mediterranean coast along Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain.

A skippered yacht will give you a boat and an experienced skipper who will steer, help you select the route, and ensure the safety of the boat and all on board. Skippers also typically know a lot about various sailing destinations and can act as informal tourist guides. They may also share tips about sailing. If you’re heading for destinations like the North Sea, the Atlantic and the Caribbean, where the going can be rough at times, it’s best to charter a skippered yacht.

A fully crewed yacht charter comes with a skipper and crew as well as the boat. This is the luxury option, where the crew will not only sail and navigate but also provide your meals and drinks.

Motor boat yachts and sailboats offer unique and different experiences, and both have their supporters. Once you decide which one is right for you, the next step is to plan your route. Bon voyage!