Museums in Remote Locations Worth the Trip

Museums in Remote Locations Worth the Trip

Sometimes requiring multiple modes of transportation to get to, these cultural institutions are worth the trek, providing unique exhibitions for arts and culture enthusiasts. With museums in remote destinations like Saskatchewan, Canada and Yakutsk, Russia, art lovers can add these locations and establishments to their bucket lists.

Remai Modern - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Remai Modern is a new direction-setting museum of modern and contemporary art located on the vast Canadian Prairies of Saskatchewan. The budding cultural hub of Saskatoon is the perfect destination for the worldly traveler looking to experience world-class art in an under the radar destination. The museum is home to the largest collection of Picasso linocuts, works by Jimmie Durham, Paul Chan and various indigenous artists.

Art Base Momoshima Museum - Onomichi-City, Hiroshima Japan

The best kept secret of Japan's art scene is found in an abandoned schoolhouse on Momoshima Island in the Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan's Setouchi Region, the Art Base Momoshima Museum established by artist Yukinori Yanagi.  Art enthusiasts can indulge in the treasure trove of modern art where visitors can experience Yanagi's larger-than-life installation exhibitions including "Wandering Mickey" and "Banzai Corner," before wandering through Takahiro Iwasaki's idyllic "Out of Disorder" that explores the hidden heritage of the region and the Seto Inland Sea.

Havasupai Museum of Culture - Supai, Arizona

Part-time adventure seekers and culture fanatics can head to the Havasupai Museum, located in the Grand Canyon - 3,000 feet below the canyon rim. The museum educates visitors on the Havasupai Tribe that inhabited the canyon for over 1,000 years. The center is only reachable by foot or helicopter.

Museum of Old and New Art - Tasmania, Australia

In an underground labyrinth of sandstone, travelers can view over 1,500 works of art in the Museum of Old and New Art.  Visitors arrive by ferry from the main city of Hobart before descending into the sandstone bunker with art located across three dimly lit levels. After visiting the museum, guests can stay on the premise to indulge in wine tastings at the on-site winery.

Kingdom of Permafrost - Yakutsk, Russia

Located in an underground cave within the permafrost layer, the Kingdom of Permafrost in Yakutsk pays tribute to the Turkic people and of course the study of Permafrost (frozen soil). The museum is home to various ice sculptures, a giant woolly mammoth and an ice replica of Picasso's Guernica. All guests receive thermal jackets upon entry as temperatures range from minus four to 19 degrees Fahrenheit.