Music Artist Brooke Korine Makes Life a Trip

Music Artist Brooke Korine Makes Life a Trip

Saint Augustine once said “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Long Island-born music artist and model Brooke Korine truly lives by these words, sharing her incredible sightseeing experiences for both work and pleasure all over her well-curated Instagram.

Thanks in part to modeling contracts, Korine has been blessed with the opportunity to travel regularly when booking jobs. Currently signed with agencies in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, the beauty has been constantly exposed to new places thanks to these on location shoots, bolstering her love for exploring the world.

Outside of work trips, Korine uses her time off to take vacations in foreign destinations. The songstress recently made her way to St. Barths and Mexico, enjoying the sun and beautiful beaches at the same time. Korine is never afraid to stray off the beaten path, steering clear of tourist-heavy areas and instead looking for the local spots. And always down for an adventure, Korine does her best to immerse herself in native cultures and embrace their diversity, while encouraging her tens of thousands of Instagram followers to do the same.

Even when at home in New York City, the multi-talented model makes life an experience, always searching for the latest events and pop-up shops and on the hunt to discover the metropolis’s little hidden gems.

Though Korine is deeply focused on her acting, singing, and modeling ventures, she always turns her life into adventure, whether by going on an international vacation or simply when walking outside of her doorstep.

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