Myths and Truths about Visas to Travel to the United States and Canada

Myths and Truths about Visas to Travel to the United States and Canada

Obtaining travel visas has become pretty challenging because they have tightened the requirements. However, the application process has been made more accessible and streamlined. It is now possible to do the visa application process online, receive them after a few hours or days with a guaranteed refund.

All travelers have the choice of choosing their next destination provided that they meet all legal requirements of entering and staying in the country of destination. Among the drawbacks that travelers face when making plans for their next business trips or adventures are visas.

Although obtaining some visas is harder compared to others, there is some good news. The process of application and issuance is facilitated and more streamlined. Moreover, the processes can be done 100% online.

Platforms such as, Travel Visa Fast and Easy simplify the process, which enables you to complete the process successfully within a few hours or days. There is also a high chance for approval, advice to fill forms and a reimbursement guarantee if your application is rejected.

What are visas and how do you get tourist visas

The United States and Canada, just like any other country, have immigration rules of their own. These rules depend on the country of origin of the traveler, their purpose for entering the country and international conventions.

The Canadian government has recently issued an order where even travelers from visa-exempt countries must request electronic travel authorization as long as they are traveling by air. Which means, travelers arriving by boat, train or bus.

You can order visas online and it can only take a few minutes at the cost of CAD 7. It will be convenient to you if you learn more about the requirements and conditions from this guide. You will find it pretty easy to travel to Canada.

For travelers to travel to the United States, they will be required by the country to have a B1/B2 tourist visa that will be attached with a passport page. This will be a certification that the traveler is a temporal 'non-immigrant' who has been granted the authority to travel to the specified destination either for tourism or business. From its issuance, it is valid for 10 years. It provides multiple entries; besides that, travelers will have permission to stay in the country for 180 days maximum per entry.

There are some false beliefs regarding the United States and Canada visas: getting the visas depends on the applicant's socio-economic level.

This false belief has made many people to shelf their dreams of traveling to some countries. The truth of the matter is that embassy officials are highly trained officials whose job is to carefully analyze the profiles of all the people applying for visas without factoring in the money they have in their bank accounts.

There is some reality in the process of visa application. Some documents must be made available to prove that there are sufficient resources to enable travel. In many cases, besides enormous financial support, applicants can be denied visas due to other reasons.

For instance, if you can't speak English, you will be denied a visa for the United States and Canada.

All embassy and consular agents are bilingual. This means that they can use Spanish to conduct interviews if necessary. While finalizing the e-visa process, applicants can do so from platforms that utilize the same language.

Invitation letters ensure the visas

It is no secret that invitation letters are valuable documents for attachments when making visa applications. However, the truth of the matter is that getting tourist visas is not a guarantee.

An arrival visa is the same as an eVisa

Once the visa arrives, it goes through an admission process once travelers arrive in their destination country while the eVisa gets processed and approved online ahead of the trip. The visa-on-arrival is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of waiting. eTa or eVisa enables you to avoid the long queues and presents a high chance for you to be allowed to enter the country.

How to apply for a travel visa online and the advantages it has

As explained above, applying for an eVisa is a process that is done completely online and only takes a couple of minutes. This is thanks to platforms like

The application is made in three steps: choosing the destination country, completing the application form and receiving the visa via post or email within some hours or days.

Using the platform mentioned above has four advantages:

  • Higher probability for approval: As per experts from, 80% of the rejections are because of incomprehensibility or errors. Therefore, this platform is in charge of going through everything and ensuring that it's 100% right and sufficient to get the visa.
  • Experts are available to interested parties 24/7: Travelers that face these kinds of paperwork have many doubts that can only be solved by experts from international bureaucracy. For visa application and any queries involving arriving in a destination country, these platforms offer advisory services to ensure the individual has relevant and up to date information they travel.
  • Money bank guarantee: this is undoubtedly one of the major reasons why thousands of people who wish to travel choose this system. assures reimbursement of all government fees in cases where you get your application rejected.
  • Faster and easier: For those who have faced official forms, then they are aware of the complexity they come with. Therefore, it is beneficial to have online manuals and advice to complete them and prove advantageous.

The visa is not an excuse anymore for you to cancel or postpone your trip to Canada or the United States. Everything you need to do is get reliable information, trusting the platforms and getting advice that will enable these procedures to be more accessible and faster. And whenever you plan your visit to the USA, don't forget to look through this article.