Navigating Croatia's National Parks by Yacht

Navigating Croatia's National Parks by Yacht

Croatia is a great summer destination, with lots of cultural and natural sights all over the coast. It combines everything a summer vacation needs - swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, with lots of other stuff that makes any trip worth it. You’ll have something to see and explore in every city you stop by, and many locations offer amazing natural sights.

If you’d like to be even more immersed in the wild nature of Croatia, rather than taking short hikes, you should sail through some of the best national parks in Croatia. This country has 8 national parks altogether, and you can visit 4 of them by boat. For the best experience and flexibility when exploring the natural beauty, check out some of the best Croatian yacht charters.

Brijuni National Park for ideal family vacation

On your way navigating through Croatia’s national parks by yacht, start from the most northern one - Brijuni. This park consists of several smaller islands with the largest being Veliki Brijun and Mali Brijun.

There are endless reasons to visit Brijuni - this archipelago has had an important role in history, and a lot of famous people have held meetings here. There are also a number of exotic animals on the island and the only real Safari Park in Croatia. Check out bareboat yacht charters and sail to Brijuni for the perfect family vacation with lamas and zebras.

Kornati National Park for ultimate peace

Sailing further south, you’ll get to Kornati National Park which is one of the most peculiar-looking national parks in Croatia, and the most peaceful. Just like Brijuni, it consists of several islands, but the number is much larger - around 140 islands and islets fall under this national park.

Hiking on any island in this archipelago will allow you an amazing view of surrounding islets - like something out of an SF movie. It’s also worth noting that Kornati is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its geological peculiarity.

Krka National Park - a freshwater paradise

Most of the national parks you can sail to are in the sea, however, the Krka National Park is located near the estuary of the river Krka in the sea, so you can sail to it through the brackish water.

A round-trip from Šibenik to Skradin with the best catamaran charter in Croatia will allow you to explore the beauty of Krka National Park. You can anchor in Skradin, and take a panoramic ride to the magnificent waterfalls and turquoise small river branches where you’ll discover abundant flora and fauna.

Mljet National Park - a wildlife experience

The last national park on your sailing itinerary should be Mljet - its untouched nature is the true reason for its beauty. Here you can find several autochthonous plants and animals - it was once the home of the famous Mediterranean monk seal. Today, the island is famous for its geological peculiarity and charming details such as the Islet of St. Maria in the Large Lake.