Netatmo Welcome - Indoor Security Camera with Face Recognition

Netatmo Welcome - Indoor Security Camera with Face Recognition
The setup is easy and straightforward: place the camera indoors, facing your entrance, plug it in and download the Netatmo Welcome App. Identify your loved ones with a simple click. That's it!

When your children pass in front of the camera, Welcome recognizes them thanks to its revolutionary face recognition technology.

Welcome sends the names of the people it sees directly to your smartphone. Be notified when your children or elderly parents are home. The security camera also alerts you when it sees a stranger.

When Welcome hears an alarm, whether it be a smoke alarm, CO alarm, security alarm or siren, it will send a notification and record a video.

Video storage is completely free. No subscription, no contract and no hidden fees.

Netatmo has added two new features for Welcome:

• The automatic storage of videos filmed by Welcome on the user's Dropbox account, for an additional secure and free back-up solution.
• The availability of Netatmo Tags, waterproof security sensors for doors and windows. These Welcome accessories enable the user to be alerted when a movement occurs at a house entrance point, even before an intrusion happens.

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