NEW Dhow Yachting Experience Offered in Oman's Secret Islands

NEW Dhow Yachting Experience Offered in Oman's Secret Islands

F&P Travel announces the newest addition to their handpicked collection: The Ibra Dhow in Oman – launching September 2023

This brand new modern 100ft dhow showcases authentic Omani luxury at its very best, designed with an homage to traditional Arabian dhows, which date back to the 15th century and were originally built by hand out of wood. This sumptuous yacht sleeps up to eight guests with four beautifully appointed bedrooms and is accompanied by four highly knowledgeable crew members to look after every need. The Ibra Dhow will sail along the breathtaking coastline of Oman, which offers stunning views of dramatic landscapes, crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine white sandy beaches, not to mention an exceptionally rich and diverse marine life. Nowhere showcases this underwater world better than the secret Dimaniyat Islands - the highlight of the Ibra Dhow experience.

Oman secret islands beach

The Ibra Dhow provides guests with an incredible opportunity to discover, explore and even stay overnight at these hidden Dimaniyat Islands, which are known within the diving community as the sole marine nature reserve in Oman, but still largely undiscovered to most. The islands were given the protected status of a nature reserve in 1996 for the conservation of nesting turtles, healthy coral formations and for the migration channel which is home to both migratory birds and marine mammals.

All itineraries are completely bespoke and guests onboard can also discover Oman’s renowned rich cultural heritage, of which the coastal regions are certainly no exception. Thanks to its location along ancient trade routes, Oman’s coastline is a fascinating melting pot of cultures and influences, traces of which can clearly be seen in its varied and colorful coastal towns and villages. F&P Travel guests will have the opportunity to explore historical forts, castles and traditional fishing villages.

Oman dhow interior

The Ibra Dhow will be based in Al Mouj marina, sleeps up to eight guests and is staffed with four crew. This new modern dhow boasts its own swimming platform, snorkeling kits and two SUPs with options for guests to go diving, kayaking, fishing and jet skiing.

Two nights (minimum stay) onboard the Ibra Dhow are available through F&P Travel from $16,655, based on four people sharing on a full board basis. To book, contact F&P Travel / +44 (0)1306 264005.