New Multi-Sensory Art Retreat at Milaidhoo Maldives

New Multi-Sensory Art Retreat at Milaidhoo Maldives

Milaidhoo Maldives, the pristine boutique private island paradise, has launched a 7-day Multi-Sensory Art Retreat for guests to reset the mind, body, and soul. The one-of-a-kind retreat experience in October 2023, hosted by renowned artist Alena Lavdovskaya, aims to ignite creativity and self-expression through a series of immersive experiences that engage all five senses.

Alena Lavdovskaya is a renowned artist who brings glamour and elegance to life through her celebrated illustrations. With a career spanning two decades, Alena has collaborated with top models, hotels and celebrities, captivating audiences worldwide with her exquisite work. From fashion magazines to solo exhibitions, her artistic prowess shines through, making her a true icon in the industry.

The Multi-Sensory Art Retreat at Milaidhoo will take place in October 2023 and is designed to take guests on a captivating journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. The retreat will focus on vision, sound, taste, smell, touch, and intuition and each session of the retreat focuses on a different sensory aspect, allowing participants to unlock their creative potential in unique and unexpected ways.

The retreat begins with the "Vision" session, where guests are guided through beginner's techniques to gain confidence in putting their visions on paper and truly understanding new perspectives. The participants will be introduced to Alena, who will provide guidance and encourage them to share their desired outcomes for the retreat. Through brainteasers and a beginner's art class, guests will shift their perspectives and gain inspiration for their artistic endeavors.

Next, the "Sound" session invites guests to listen to themselves and their surroundings at the spa. Serenity Spa will perform a sound healing session, and Alena will guide guests in illustrating the emotions and sensations evoked by the sounds on a canvas. This session opens new avenues of artistic expression, introducing participants to innovative techniques of depicting "sound" through visual art.

In the "Taste" session, participants embark on Milaidhoo's culinary journey, collaborating with the Milaidhoo culinary team. Guests will put their senses to the test, tasting the chefs’ masterpieces in the wine cellar, while blindfolded. These creations will be in the form of hors d'oeuvres, bonbons, and canapés. After this session, the participants will earn the art of plating. The session focuses on creating culinary masterpieces as edible artworks, emphasizing presentation and plating techniques. After the plating session, guests will savor a delectable four-course meal specially crafted by Milaidhoo’s culinary team.

The "Smell" session invites guests to a rejuvenating aromatherapy meditation session led by Serenity Spa and Alena. Through this aromatic experience, the retreat participants will explore how different scents can inspire and enhance their creative mindset. Alena will guide them in capturing scents in their artwork, while the spa team will share valuable insights on the impact of scents with guests and provide them with a gift pack of small scent bottles for further experimentation.

Following a relaxing massage in the "Touch" session, guests will explore the sense of touch through finger painting techniques. Retreat participants will experience different textures brought about by paint and learn how to create tactile elements in their artwork. This session encourages guests to express themselves through the medium of touch and further enhances their sensory experience.

Finally, in the "Intuition" session, guests will reflect on their profound journey and work with Alena to create inventive and unconventional self-portraits. Drawing from all the newfound senses and experiences, the retreat participants will create a personal art piece that captures the essence of their transformative journey. Alena will also create small art pieces for each guest, providing her interpretation of their newfound selves.

The Multi-Sensory Art Retreat at Milaidhoo is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines artistic expression with sensory stimulation. It offers Milaidhoo guests a rare opportunity to discover their inner creativity and forge a deeper and more meaningful connection with themselves and their surroundings.

For more information and to book the Multi-Sensory Art Retreat, please visit or contact Milaidhoo via emailing at or dialing +960 660 7788.