New Myanmar Tour: A Slice Of Sagar, Inle Lake's Best Kept Secret

New Myanmar Tour: A Slice Of Sagar, Inle Lake's Best Kept Secret
The tour visits one of Myanmars most beautiful, yet largely undiscovered regions and is home to the iconic sunken stupas as well as many Pa-O hill tribe settlements, such as the Sae Khaung and Tar Kaung villages.

The insightful one-day, two-night Myanmar tour begins with a three-hour scenic cruise across Inle Lake. Along the way, travelers will see fishermen going about their daily duties and drift past small hill tribe villages on the banks of the lake.

Once in Sagar, travelers will have the opportunity to discover the ‘sunken stupas', over 100 stupas that have been submerged by the lake making a curious spectacle. The local Backyard Travel guide will then take travelers around the lesser-seen region, paying visit to Sagan's most attractive sites before escorting them to their quaint lodge where they will spend the night.

After a peaceful night's sleep, travelers will awake to a scenic breakfast service on the lodge's rooftop terrace before heading out with their expert Backyard Travel guide to explore various Pa-O hill tribe settlements including the Sae Khaung and Tar Kaung villages.

The Sae Khaung village is famous for its production of rice wine and travelers will not only have the chance to witness its production but also sample the wine should they wish. While in Tar Kaung village they will also have the chance to learn the ancient art of pottery making using an underground kiln.

“We think the Sagar region in the Shan State of Myanmar is one of the unearthed gems of Southeast Asia,” said Backyard Travel's General Manager Maeve Nolan. “At the moment it seems that not many have discovered it's beauty, which makes now the perfect time to visit.”

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