New Night Tour Lets You Explore the Vatican Under the Stars

New Night Tour Lets You Explore the Vatican Under the Stars

A brand-new tour from Rome specialists What A Life Tours offers visitors a truly unique experience and privileged entrance to the Vatican and Sistine Chapel at night.

The Vatican After Hours Tour gives visitors the opportunity to view the highlights of the Vatican’s extensive art collection and the Sistine Chapel in small, intimate groups long after the crowds have departed providing a unique experience that’ll last long after their trip.

An expert guide will take a small group of only 12 guests on a starlit adventure, exploring a maze of globally acclaimed art and historic architecture. This unforgettable tour offers visitors a personalized journey through the enchanting halls of the Vatican while never treating them like a number.

The passionate guides will lead visitors through near-empty halls, telling stories of the artists and their lives, along with the rivalry and drama that unfolded between the creators of the Vatican’s most esteemed jewels. The guide will provide invaluable insights behind the works of art and will delve into some of the most forward-thinking art techniques of the times.

Comprising of 54 galleries, the Vatican Museums offer the crème de la crème of art and architecture in a nocturnal ambience that few ever get to experience. Three hours after the Vatican has closed its general admission entrance the After Hours Tour will begin, meaning visitors get an entirely undisturbed view of remarkable artworks like Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’, ‘The Raphael Rooms’, Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’, and his ‘The Last Judgment’. Visitors will appreciate sculptures in a realistic shadow, admire courtyards in a moonlit glow and see colorful mosaics shimmer, all without any interruptions.

Under the cloak of darkness, the Sistine Chapel shines brighter than any other attraction. Visiting at a time once reserved for popes or the papal conclave shines a new light on the chapel and allows an entirely exclusive experience.

The tour offers the opportunity to see brilliantly frescoed walls and ceilings under perfect viewing conditions with lighting that highlights every elegant detail. Learn about all of Michelangelo’s challenges in creating one of humanity’s greatest creative achievements, as you gaze at the revolutionary frescoes.

Additionally, visitors will enjoy a complimentary aperitivo of bubbling prosecco and some light nibbles just a few minutes’ walk from the Vatican Museums at the What A Life Tours office.

Vatican City is one of the most popular landmarks in the world with up to 25,000 visitors a day. With this popularity comes crowds of tourists which make it near impossible to navigate the city during the day. The new Vatican After Hours Tour allows visitors to enter the world’s smallest country while avoiding the massive day-time crowds with their exclusive evening opening hours.

Joseph, Director of What A Life Tours, says “It’s such an honour to have visitors from around the world to experience the Vatican City as it was always intended, with plenty of peace and quiet for reflection and without the hustle and bustle of other visitors getting in the way and marring such an incomparable and life-changing experience”.

The Vatican After Hours Tour offers a unique chance to explore some of the most important cultural contributions to the world under starlit nights without hordes of tourists.

The Vatican After Hours tour costs from $76pp including access to otherwise restricted areas, an expert local tour guide and headsets.