New Normal for Luxury Travel: Fly, Work and Play in Paradise

New Normal for Luxury Travel: Fly, Work and Play in Paradise

Although the pandemic has imposed challenges for the travel industry, there are leading companies acknowledging big opportunities for the luxury leisure traveler. The Kessler Collection and BitLux share their latest thoughts and provide an outlook of what to expect for luxury travel throughout 2021.

The pandemic has shifted travel habits and has tested the industry to adapt and find new ways to entice customers. Creative thinking, paired with thorough knowledge of habits and consumer behavior, usually results in a comprehensive set of tailored services. Under that premise, The Kessler Collection, with headquarters in Orlando, has adjusted to the new normal by reinforcing the leisure segment.

Central and South Florida is known globally for its mix of corporate and leisure travelers, nevertheless, due to the outbreak, a reduction of business tourists has been registered by the local luxury industry. And The Kessler Collection’s stance today is that you can still work and play, while experiencing paradise.

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Combining top hospitality and private aviation

Additionally, every top leisure hub is measured by its connectivity, to and from the city center. South Florida leads the way with a handful of airports only 30 minutes away. And we are not only referring to Miami International or Fort Lauderdale International; Fort Lauderdale Executive and Opa-locka Executive airports are remarkably close as well from Downtown Miami. Leisure travelers use private aviation because it is flexible, safe and allows them to control the overall travel experience.

Private jet providers like Florida-based, global jet charter company, BitLux, also capable of receiving bookings with cryptocurrencies, offer executive charters to any destination in the country, and flights to South Florida remain a high priority for passengers amidst the pandemic. Furthermore, although the focus for this segment are executive charters, it is also called business aviation for a reason, adapting to today’s passenger leisure needs, while also remaining flexible to their concerns and following best practices, is paramount.

Predicting the Luxury Travel outlook for 2021

COVID-19 has taught the industry that remaining flexible and actively listening to the needs of clients is one of the recipes for continued success. The luxury travel providers who can find a way to provide a safe environment for their customers, while also delivering the top-notch service that is expected, will be in a good position to withstand any external uncertainties.

Just as The Kessler Collection and BitLux have envisioned in their specific segments, to stay fresh and true to their identities amidst the uncertainties and challenges, the luxury travel industry needs to make the customer, more than ever, the focal point of their business goals.