Jet Set Pet: VIP (Very Important Pet) Treatment at New York's Best Pet-Friendly Hotels

Jet Set Pet: VIP (Very Important Pet) Treatment at New York's Best Pet-Friendly Hotels
At New York's The Benjamin hotel, a pet-friendly environment means attending to your dog's every want and need, right down to dressing Fido with his own stylish robe. A special organic menu, monogrammed pet bowls, and even a dog music video are available so that your canine feels comforted and entertained.

Anya Orlanska, a Concierge at The Benjamin, tries out almost all of the hotel's Dream Dog services on her own Boston Terrier. That way she can provide guests with personal testimonials on how The Benjamin's individual dog services may work for a guest's favorite four-legged pal. "There's no doubt that my dog loves the music video. He cocks his head and watches it like he's hypnotized," Orlanska said.

If a guest would like to take in a Broadway show, The Benjamin offers guests the option of a dog sitting and dog walking service. The hotel also provides a listing of pet-friendly restaurants and retail shops, as well as the locations of the best off-leash dog parks. "We're located in downtown Manhattan, so one of the first questions we receive from guests is "where is the grass?"

If a guest so desires, The Benjamin can even recommend a Dog Psychic. The Benjamin obviously goes to great lengths to please a dog's mind, body and soul.

Almost a decade ago, New York's Loews Regency Hotel was the first to offer a pet-friendly program, menu and hotel environment. The Loews' animal guest list reads like a Who's Who in famous pets.

"We've hosted Lassie, Benji, Beethoven, and Siegfried & Roy's Siberian cubs. We've also had a penguin from the movie "March of the Penguins" stay here," Loews' Vice President of Public Relations, Emily Goldfischer said.

The Loews Loves Pets program has been a huge hit for the hotel and their guests. "Our pet-friendly services have become a wonderful part of the Loews brand. Our guests and their pets feel very welcome. The program serves as a great way to develop repeat customers and mutual loyalty," Goldfischer said.

The Lowell hotel, also located in Manhattan, kicked off their Pet Room Service program about two years ago. The hotel sees the program as a natural extension for treating guests like family.

"We want our guests to feel that The Lowell is a home away from home. A guest's pet is part of their family, so why not bring your dog if that enhances your travel experience?" Lowell's General Manager Ashish Verma said.

When a guest initially makes a reservation at The Lowell, one of the first things a staff member does is check on the name, breed, and even age of the pet. The Lowell's thought process is to create a welcoming profile to best accommodate the pet.

The Lowell also has sustainable and organic dog toys available. These products can be presented in a special gift collection basket. The hotel's pet menu includes a Pure Fish Skin Chew. This is a special doggie snack that The Lowell imports from Iceland.

According to the Travel Industry Association (TIA) over 29 million travelers have taken a pet with them on a trip in the past three years. If you're a traveler planning an upscale New York City trip, The Benjamin, Loews Regency, or The Lowell Hotel are ready to make your dog feel like a VIP (Very Important Pet.)

Tim Cotroneo is a freelance writer from Lino Lakes, Minnesota, with a passion for travel and a future Caribbean zip code.