Nicolas Brochet Has Big Plans for Post-Lockdown

Nicolas Brochet Has Big Plans for Post-Lockdown

Living life to the fullest is global influence Nicolas Brochet's objective for himself and his customers. In his early 20s, supported and respected by high-profiled individuals, Brochet explored and studied the most lavish scenes. The young entrepreneur's magnetism allowed for reciprocating relationships with people more than happy to introduce him to the most competent workforce to accomplish his dream of developing major hotspots in the restaurant industry.

Brochet's natural ability to create memorable events accompanied by his full-scale mentality led him to develop and manage some of the most prominent restaurants in the world. To name a few, Matignon and L'Opéra in Paris, La Petite Plage, and Kinugawa in Saint-Tropez are all top of the line experiences.

"My major goal was always to make people happy," Brochet said. "When I see that my endeavors result in making lots of people happy, truly enjoying the moment and appreciating this gift of life here and now, that's when I realize I've succeeded."

Presently, his curatorial aptitude is expanding into Dubai, the UAE, where he now resides. Brochet sees plenty of potential in UAE and has taken the current downtime to form the best teams to execute his projects. One already scheduled March 2021 is Fashion Music Art Festival Magic Island Abu Dhabi, a prestigious, once-in-a-lifetime event that consolidated fashion shows, gala dinners, concerts, and much more for the creative lovers.

"When the hard times hit like never before, and the whole world seemed to slow down, I chose to stay positive and make these times less troublesome," Brochet said. "I use it to reflect and think positively and primarily about the future."

The lockdown proved to be a beneficial reset for the visionary. However, Brochet is longing for a trip to Tulum, Mexico, a place that sparks his imagination.

"It always gives me such vibes, new flavors, fresh concepts, which lead me to ideas for new, challenging and exciting projects," Brochet said.

Brochet is additionally arranging the development of a new 360-skyline view restaurant. Every project is specially designed with a new team of decorators, culinary experts, and friendly servers. At times, it is challenging for Brochet to find people who can grasp his vision. Luckily, Brochet has contacts around the world constantly providing new suggestions.

"You need to put all your passion, skills, and knowledge into every new project and keep being passionate about it and totally devoted to the process from beginning to the very end," Brochet explained. "Then and only then can you create something truly special."

Article by Alexandra Morris