Nikki Beach Founder, Jack Penrod Releases Autobiography

Nikki Beach Founder, Jack Penrod Releases Autobiography

Jack Penrod, Owner & Chairman of Nikki Beach Global, the international luxury lifestyle and hospitality brand, has released an autobiography titled, One Grand Adventure: Becoming Rich in Business, Family and Life.

Born from humble beginnings during the Great Depression, Jack’s life has been filled with one story after another of overcoming adversity, beating the odds, and creating his own luck. Facing absolute poverty and several traumatic experiences in his early life, Jack saw these challenges as a chance for adventure. This book serves as an inspirational story that highlights invaluable lessons Jack’s learned about the power of perseverance, self-belief and positivity.

“This book is my legacy. I have been through so many ups and downs and my hope is that my experiences will help others believe that anything is possible,” says Jack Penrod. “I have always been a positive guy and a hard worker and now in my 80’s, I realize my life has been more than the American dream, it’s been the American adventure.”

Penrod has spent his life capitalizing on his innate marketing skills. From line cook to owning one of the largest McDonald’s franchises, he says, “Everything important I learned about business, I learned inside a McDonald’s.” After selling his franchises, Penrod opened his own fast-food concept, WUV’s and eventually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Penrod explains, “I know that people would say I lost everything, but I really didn’t. I may have lost some money, but I didn’t lose my intelligence. I didn’t lose my ambition. If anything, I became more determined to succeed and to become a bigger success than I had ever been before. What I lost was easy to replace. What I kept was priceless.”

The autobiography elaborates on Penrod’s next rise to success as the owner of several bars and restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Daytona. In 1988, he launched Penrod's Beach Club on South Beach, helping to transform the area from that of a retirement community into a resort destination frequented by a young, vibrant and trendy crowd.

Penrod discusses how in 1997 – during the height of his success in South Florida – tragedy struck when his 18-year-old daughter Nicole passed away in a car accident. A year later, he decided to honor and celebrate Nicole’s life by creating Nikki Beach in the former Penrod’s Beach Club location. Built on a Celebration Of Life philosophy, Nikki Beach has transcended its international venues and grown into a global, multifaceted luxury lifestyle and hospitality brand.

While Penrod has suffered immense hardship, he has also experienced a uniquely vibrant life. He holds no resentment or bitterness, instead he lives each day positively with a unique sense of optimism. From dropping himself into primitive habitats to live off the land—for fun—to hosting A-list celebrities at Nikki Beach, his life has it all, from the wild to the weird to the extraordinary. An exceptional marketer, worldwide entertainer, husband, father, and friend, One Grand Adventure: Becoming Rich in Business, Family and Life is an exceptional story.

One Grand Adventure: Becoming Rich in Business, Family and Life launched on May 18th in honor of Nicole Penrod who passed on that day. The book is available for order on Amazon now and for purchase at Shop Nikki Beach boutiques around the globe.