Nobu Hotel London Portman Square Launches ‘Shiawase’ Wellness Experiences

Nobu Hotel London Portman Square Launches ‘Shiawase’ Wellness Experiences

Nobu Hotel London Portman Square launches an invigorating series of feel-good inspired experiences, centered around the Japanese philosophy of 'Shiawase'—a celebration of happiness and wellbeing.

Throughout January and February, the luxury lifestyle hotel will introduce a range of self-care experiences and a bespoke overnight package, designed to infuse a sense of joy and rejuvenation into the hearts of its guests.

From an exclusive exhibition by David Aiu Servan-Schreiber designed to evoke visitors to look into the future through the artwork, to Nobu Pilates classes releasing the most energizing endorphins, and a new nourishing Detox Bento Box and specially curated non-alcoholic cocktails, Shiawase at Nobu Hotel London Portman Square will provide a sense of prosperity to local and international visitors.

Shiwase Overnight Stay Package

For the ultimate ‘happiness retreat', the hotel has curated a two-night stay bespoke package, which includes a rejuvenating Pilates class, a Detox Bento Box, created by Chef Michael and paired with a range of Everleaf mocktails. The package enables guests to truly immerse in the concept of Shiawase and begin their year focused on creating moments of happiness and self wellbeing. Available from January 1-31.

Nobu Pilates

Movement and breathwork is proven to boost serotonin levels and why not kickstart 2024 in London's chicest studio. Nobu Pilates fuses classical pilates principles with dynamic techniques, developed by Creative Director, Marsha Lindsay. The classes explore the core principles of passion, integrity, and growth through engaged stretching and poses such as The Swan, which lengthens the spine, and Criss Cross, which strengthens the abdominals and improves posture. After a Nobu Pilates class, guests will emerge feeling stronger, lighter, and invigorated.


Nobu Bar & Nobu Restaurant 

Nobu's iconic cuisine, carefully blends Japanese and Peruvian styles and offers a highly nutritious yet delicious menu. Available at lunchtime and perfect for refuelling after Nobu Pilates, the new Detox Bento Box combines energy rich, quality ingredients which nourish the body and combat common winter deficiencies.

The box includes a high-protein Sushi and Nigiri selection, a Dragon Fruit Ceviche, which is loaded with Vitamin C and prebiotic properties. Accompanied by: Vegetable Spicy Garlic DonburiGrilled Chicken with Goma Dressing and Spinach Dry Miso, and is packed with antioxidants, miso which aides gut health, and sesame which supports digestion and bone health, whilst chilli boosts immunity and promotes healthy skin. The box is completed with a refreshing mix of seasonal berries with coconut and lime sorbet.

For those doing Dry January, or simply looking to cut-back, the hotel has partnered with Everleaf to create a menu of three non-alcoholic cocktails all at £11 to pair with the dishes including; The Classic - Everleaf Mountain, house made strawberry soda, Umami Tide - Everleaf Marine, salted plum, soya milk and a No Old Fashioned - Everleaf Forest, mushroom, shiso.

The Whitebox  

At the heart of the hotel will be the transformation of the WhiteBox space, where David Aiu Servan-Schreiber's 'Renewal' exhibition will take residence. The captivating exhibition explores humanity and nature's delicate balance and reflects the environment's complexities. Through upcycled materials, his 'Microcosm' series embodies renewal and sustainability, echoing nature's regenerative cycles. Each piece celebrates Earth's resilience, inviting viewers to explore human’s intrinsic connection to the environment, urging viewers to contemplate their role in the vast ecological tapestry and find inspiration in the enduring vibrance of life.

Nobu Hotel London Portman Square welcomes guests and visitors to embark on their wellness journeys at the start of 2024. The Shiawase campaign is a testament to the hotel's dedication to providing unparalleled holistic and immersive experiences that goes beyond traditional luxury.