Northern Lights Glamping - Experience the Aurora in Luxury

Northern Lights Glamping - Experience the Aurora in Luxury

For many people the opportunity to see the incredible Aurora Borealis is a true once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience. Glamping under the stars inside the arctic circle in the middle of winter must surely rate as another. Now you can tick off both experiences at the same time and in complete luxury.

The Northern Lights travel industry has exploded over the recent decade and evolved from the original basic tours staying in remote and basic wilderness accommodation to sophisticated holidays with direct flights to Lapland and Iceland and an amazing choice of both high quality accommodation and winter activities to enjoy while you are not hunting for the Aurora.

Many luxury wilderness hotels have been developed over the years in both Lapland and Iceland offering comforts and high-quality amenities in a true arctic wilderness environment. Brandon Lodge in Sweden, Wilderness Hotel Inari in Finland and Hotel Ranga in Iceland are all great examples of these.

However, perhaps the most exciting development has been the evolution of luxury glamping accommodation options that are specifically designed to offer guests the opportunity to view the Northern Lights literally from the comfort of your own cozy bed.

Aurora Domes are purpose-built, tent-like structures that have been carefully crafted to give guests the ultimate luxury Aurora viewing experience. Complete with wood-burning stoves, double beds and large Perspex walls, guests can search the arctic skies for the Northern Lights while lying in bed.

Aurora Bubbles consist of wooden bases topped with a magnificent Perspex dome, offering an incredible vista of the starry arctic sky and maybe even the chance to enjoy the Northern Lights dancing above you.

Aurora Bubbles and Domes are usually operated by hotels and located in areas free from light pollution, so any potential glimpses of the Aurora will be unhindered. Despite their more isolated locations they are still within easy reach of all the hotel’s facilities.

The Wilderness Hotel in Muotka offers another unique Lapland style glamping experience with their Aurora Kotas, which incorporate private saunas, allowing guests to gaze at the night sky for glimpses of the Northern Lights in real comfort and style.

The Vasara Reindeer Ranch in the heart of Finnish Lapland offers a collection of unique glass igloos on the shore of the frozen Lake Peerjärvi. These igloos are situated within the reindeer ranch, and the glass dome design means you have a good chance of seeing a roaming reindeer wandering by as well as a Northern Lights display.

To enhance the chances of seeing the Northern Lights, many hotels utilise technology in order to provide Aurora alerts. These are Aurora hunting devices that send a text to guests when a display of the Northern Lights is spotted. All guests have to do then is look up from luxury of their warm bed and wait to be mesmerised by mother nature.

Although the main purpose of your trip will be the chance to see the Northern Lights, there are so many other winter-based activities to enjoy during the daytime. Snowmobiling, husky dog sledding, downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing are just a few examples of the fun you can have in the winter playground of the arctic circle.