Off-the-grid Family Getaways from Audley Travel

Off-the-grid Family Getaways from Audley Travel
Below is a list of some of these parent-approved trips, guaranteed to get kids off their iPhones and help them learn about new cultures, communities, and wildlife:

  • Live like the bushmen of Botswana with the Young Explorers program: A private safari in the Okavango Delta with space for up to 6 guests, the Young Explorers program in Botswana is an incredible experience and perfect timing for summer plans. You will have private guides, chefs, etc. just for your group. What makes this perfect for kids is that each day is focused on learning something different about the bush with activities suited for all ages. Parents can even have some time to relax on their own while the kids are in the capable hands of expert local guides. Activities include learning to track wildlife, making pizzas on old termite mounds, making natural bow and arrows and more. At the end of the trip the kids put on a presentation of what they have learned and experienced on safari for their parents and guides. No cell phone and limited electricity means they won't be on their devices.

  • Help a local community in Kenya: August is the ideal time to visit Kenya as the migratory herds will have just arrived from Tanzania, providing great wildlife viewing on safari. But for many travelers, the highlight experience a trip to Kenya is a visit to the Bogani Cottages and Tented Camp in the Masai Mara. The community-run lodging is part of a global initiative called Me to We – a not for profit enterprise that has created a beautiful balance of investing in essential community programs while bringing in tourism to promote cross-cultural sharing and create a new source of income for the locals. Visitor numbers are limited and your stay includes getting involved in daily village life, with no itinerary mirroring another. Families can visit the local primary school and engage in games with local children or help with general school maintenance, take the one mile roundtrip walk to the water hole to fetch water, or engage in weapons training with Maasai warriors.

  • Join a tribe in Malaysian Borneo: The Melano homestay in Borneo is a perfect option for families this summer. With no wifi, set among beautiful jungle surroundings and nestled right up next to the ocean, visitors get to experience what daily life is like for people living in a coastal village. The stay is curated to incorporate wildlife experiences and an appreciation for conservation and is a wonderful immersive experience with a new culture.

  • Get away from it all in the Brazilian Amazon: What better way to get your kids off their phones than taking them to the Amazon jungle? Three to seven-day cruises into the world's largest rainforest include daily excursions to learn about the flora and fauna and visit a local village along the Rio Negro. From uber-comfortable boats with swimming pools to more traditional river boat styles evoking a historic significance, there are several great options with onboard naturalists including Iberostar, Amazon Clipper Premium and Katerre Expeditions. You can also stay in the Pantanal, which is South America's version of a safari. The diverse mammal, bird and reptile populations will keep kid's and adult's attention equally. Both options include suggested activities to keep your days full from spotting pink river dolphins to canoeing down narrow tributaries as monkeys swing overhead.

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