Where A-List Celebs Get Oscar-Worthy Skin

Where A-List Celebs Get Oscar-Worthy Skin
A-listers thank the OLEHENRIKSEN Spa based in Los Angeles for the unique treatments in the weeks prior to the Award shows, which results in perfect red-carpet-ready skin.

The OLEHENRIKSEN Spa knows the importance in creating special programs leading up to the award season for their loyal celebrity regulars, such as Renee Zellweger, Jessica Alba and Ellen Degeneres. Charlize Theron, who frequently visits the Spa, recently received the Micodermabrasion Resurfacing Power Peel Treatment in preparation for the red carpet. To relax for the big day, nominee Mark Ruffalo is coming into the spa this weekend to unwind with a soothing massage.

Beginning five weeks prior to the event up until the day before the red carpet, the most requested celebrity treatments include the detoxifying spa ritual, the micro/mini peeling treatment, the african red tea spa ritual, the deep swedish massage for the body, and the 8-step purifying complexion treatment for the face.

The detoxifying spa ritual incorporates a sea mineral scrub, tropical rain rinse, and heated osmotic body mask that is custom blended, and a scalp treatment consisting of natural hair hydrator with orchid flower extract. The micro/mini peeling treatment becomes the preferred complexion treatment, with emphasis on gentle skin abrasion and light peeling with natural acids.

Renee Zellweger and Hugh Jackman, celebrity fan favorites of the african red tea spa ritual treatment became popular due to the incorporation of the african red tea exotic body scrub, african red tea firming body mask and african red tea self-heating body soufflé. African red tea's magical herbs, high concentration of anti-oxidants (50 times more than green tea), self-proliferating fruit acids and concentrated trace minerals like zinc and iron create radiance and luxuriousness, and are especially healthy for the skin.