Luxury Villa Company Promises a Perfect, Rain-free Wedding Day for $150,000

Luxury Villa Company Promises a Perfect, Rain-free Wedding Day for $150,000
From now on, you can ensure fair weather and clear skies on your wedding day by taking advantage of their unique new ‘cloud-bursting' service.

The service – which employs a crack team of pilots and meteorologists, and takes about three weeks to plan and perform – is now available at French destination wedding venues hired through the company. It uses a weather control technique devised in the mid-20th Century that ‘seeds' clouds with small particles (in this instance silver iodide) to make water vapor condense into raindrops, hence dissipating the clouds that are threatening to dampen your big day.

But the service doesn't come cheap, with the process starting at an eye-watering £100,000 ($150,000+). Still, if you do choose to take the plunge and head to skies to ensure perfect wedding day weather you'll be in good company. Paul McCartney used the technique to ensure good weather for a 2004 concert in Russia (‘Good Day Sunshine' has never been so apt!) and it was even rumored that Kate and Wills had the clouds artificially burst on the day of their Royal Wedding in 2011.

As well as the cost, another slightly prohibitive measure is the location of your venue – you won't be able to get the clouds burst within about 30 miles of an airport due to commercial aviation laws, so if you're thinking of stumping up to make sure you get a sunny day, make sure you check you're not crossing any flight paths!

Still, it just goes to show how elaborate the services can get when you're arranging a truly high-end wedding. As any prospective bride or groom knows, the big day can be planned down to the minutest detail, but there's nothing you could do to stop any thunderclouds rolling in and casting a pall over everything. Nowadays, (or at least as far as Oliver's Travels is concerned) the sky isn't even the limit any more when it comes to luxury services!

More information on the Oliver's Travels ‘Perfect Day' cloud-bursting service can be found on their website, along with their full portfolio of luxury villa rentals and destination wedding venues in France.

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