OmeCare Genetic Testing: Ticket to Healthy Lifestyle

OmeCare Genetic Testing: Ticket to Healthy Lifestyle

The pace of progress is such that the time it takes modern science to generate the next breaking discovery is now ten to a hundred times shorter than a few centuries ago. This may lead to a delusion that new wonderful things happen with natural ease, only to become a common feature of everyday life till the next miracle eclipses the most recent achievement of the human mind. Medicine is no exception. Wonderful lifesaving achievements, DNA testing among the most remarkable among them, have transformed medicine into a more precise tool. OmeCare, a San Diego genetic testing company has been at the forefront of DNA-based precision medicine for over ten years, a veteran by the industry standards. What distinguishes it from the ranks of peers is its selective and precise approach to genetic testing and the quality of lifestyle-enhancing recommendations.

In a nutshell, the goal of precision medicine is to get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, providing more personalized care, which could ultimately result in better outcomes at lower costs. “Most of the medicine… has been done one size fits all. We all know it doesn’t always work… because we are not one-size-fits-all human beings. We all have different genetics and different environmental exposures. Ideally, you want medicine to adapt to that, “ once rightfully pointed out Francis Collins, Director of National Institutes of Health.

It is scientifically proven that a person’s health is 40% determined by lifestyle, i.e. roughly the choices we make regarding what we eat, how we exercise, and how we manage our stress, whether we smoke or not. Our genetics account for another 30%, telling us about our disease predisposition, particular diets’ effects on us, and what medication would be the best to deal with a particular health problem. The next 20% are social and environmental factors such as home and family, mental wellness, and economic stability. The remaining 10% is attributed to the quality of the clinical care we receive. This vital information has been peer-reviewed and is supported by a recent study conducted by AETNA.

OmeCare is so unique because unlike its competitors who analyze a generic spectrum of genetic markers, it uses a more focused approach by interpreting and analyzing 33,000 genetic markers to provide customized and precise recommendations for nutrition, medication, pregnancy planning, sports performance, and overall wellness. Strangely, this is the case of “less is more”: though it evaluates fewer parameters, OmeCare delivers reports that are more in-depth, accurate, and reliable than those of the majority of DNA companies. “DNA testing is now familiar to many but it still overwhelms people with large amounts of unsuitable and unusable health information and advice,” says Dr. Michael Nova, OmeCare’s Chief Innovation Officer. “At a time when millions of people are urgently looking to better understand and safeguard their health, our technology empowers them and their physicians with actionable insights to create personalized strategies that suit their lifestyle, genetics, and ultimately their overall health.”

OmeCare’s proprietary app dietgene further expands the opportunities available to the company’s clients turning their smartphones into health management devices packing a wealth of scientifically sound, highly usable, and actionable wellness and health management information and advice. The app is in fact a professional tool that can be used by anyone who aspires to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is the result of some 10 years of research conducted by leading physicians, nutritionists, and scientists with the goal of creating a personalized nutritional plan for individuals based on each person’s unique set of DNA data. The DNA-based lifestyle along with nutritional recommendations and tracking tools was issued a US patent.

In step with the growing demand for fast, reliable COVID-19 testing, OmeCare’s San-Diego lab is devoting part of its state-of-the-art research capacity and highly-skilled personnel to meeting this pressing need.

By providing highly actionable DNA-based lifestyle recommendations to individual customers and medical professionals OmeCare has rightfully won the reputation of the genetic industry leader and is on the way to becoming a household and hospital name.

Article by Dmitri Sharov