Once-in-a-Lifetime Winter Travel Inspiration from Cookson Adventures

Once-in-a-Lifetime Winter Travel Inspiration from Cookson Adventures

As world leaders in experiential travel, Cookson Adventures, is renowned for delivering intricately sophisticated expeditions to the world’s most remote locations.

Cookson’s expert travel team has created a set of epic winter adventures to inspire intrepid travellers to explore some of the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations.

Whether it’s exploring the furthest-reaches of Antarctica by expedition yacht, making world-first discoveries by submersible in Costa Rica or paramotoring between luxury camps in Oman, our exclusive network of experts and experiences will immerse guests deep into each destination.



  • Up-Close encounters with breaching humpback whales and leopard seals
  • World-first submersible & dual helicopter operations
  • Exclusive access to remote research stations to help collect vital data

Cookson Adventures lead the way in delivering what are arguably the most complex private expeditions in Antarctica, with extensive first-hand knowledge of its wild remotes. Complete with dual heli-yacht operations and some of the only submersible dives in the region, Cookson Adventures’ expert team can opens up one of the world’s remotest landscapes like no-one else can. Cruising by luxury expedition yacht, guests will travel to areas that few people have ever been before. The addition of a submersible reveals a fascinating underwater world, that’s usually only the preserve of scientific researchers. With a superyacht as a base, explorers can sea kayak amongst pristine icebergs and experience up close encounters with the wildlife living along its shores.  Out on the ice, Cookson’s expert polar guides can take guess ski touring, ice climbing and hiking in the icy wilderness. With Cookson’s network of contacts, it’s possible to gain access to remote research stations and learn more about the vital conservation work world-leading scientists and conservationists are undertaking to prevent climate change in the region.

HOW: Cookson Adventures can create a tailored 10-night adventure to Antarctica by private expedition yacht for 10-12 guests from $1,150,000. This includes yacht charter, the option of a submersible and helicopter, private guiding throughout and a selection of experiences.


  • Santa, snowmobiles & reindeer herding
  • Staying in one of the finest properties in Scandinavia
  • Take a front-row seat to view the Northern Lights

Staying in what is Lapland’s finest property, indulge in a 1,000-acre slice of wintery wilderness that’s exclusive to guests. Here, reindeer-dotted forests and snowy trails are the perfect pocket for adventure and can be dialled up or down to be as daring or as child-friendly as needed. Spending nights in a contemporary take on a traditional log cabin, guests can try their hand at reindeer herding, husky sledding and ice rally driving with a pro. In this outdoor playground, explore hundreds of acres of reindeer-dotted forests and snow-laden trails on everything from dog sleds and snowmobiles to snowshoes and cross-country skis. It’s all made that bit more magical with the chance to jump on a reindeer-led sledge to visit Santa in his cabin and the spectacular appearance of the Northern Lights in the skies above.

HOW: Cookson Adventures can create a tailored 7-night adventure to Lapland for 21 guests from $307,500. This includes exclusive-use accommodation, guiding throughout and a selection of experiences.


  • Explore the region on a superyacht tailor-made for heli-skiing
  • Experience untouched descents & open runs
  • Add on high-octane adventures from kayaking and diving to volcano summits

This winter, be one of a few to experience one of the world’s most isolated landscapes, a region rich in wildlife, otherworldly geography and drops that are perfect for ultra-intrepid skiers. Tucked away in Russia’s far east, Kamchatka is a place of unexplored remoteness where it’s possible to ski down steep volcanic slopes and across truly unchartered terrain. Descents can range up to 3,000m in elevation with skiers sweeping through forest to the beach. This unique heli-skiing adventure is combined with a full spread of adrenaline-fuelled activities to enjoy from kitesurfing to kayaking to volcano summits. This is all combined with a stay on a superyacht that’s arguably the world’s best equipped for heli-skiing.

HOW: Cookson Adventures can create a tailored 7-night heli-skiing adventure to Kamchatka by private explorer yacht for 10-12 guests from $1,120,000. This includes yacht charter with helicopter operations, private guiding throughout and a selection of adventure experiences.



  • Tandem paramotor to otherwise-inaccessible locations
  • Journey between bespoke camps in the sand dunes
  • Embrace slow travel and take in a different perspective on life in the desert

Cookson Adventures offers the opportunity to explore one of the last remaining stretches of wilderness in the world on an adventure that takes guests soaring above the desert. Whether in dune buggies, taking part in camel races or sandboarding, a full menu of adventure activities will take guests to otherwise unreachable locations. Along with cultural insights and access to geographic wonders that are usually strictly off-limits, soak in spectacular aerial views on a paramotor – one of the most scenic ways to travel. With an expert pilot in charge of the controls, enjoy the experience of observing life in the desert from above, from seeing camels grazing to the desert’s shifting sands in the golden light. After a day exploring the vast landscape, return to relax around a campfire at elegant custom-made camps. There, an expert astronomer can bring the stories behind the stars in the clear skies above to life.
HOW: Cookson Adventures can create a tailored 7-night paramotoring adventure to Oman for 4-12 guests from $175,000. This includes accommodation at bespoke tented camps, a tandem paragliding guide and a selection of experiences.


  • Definitive introduction to a natural phenomenon
  • Rehome giant tortoises & search for rare pink iguanas
  • Dive among giant congregations of hammerhead sharks

This experience is the ultimate appreciation of a natural wonder, which is home to wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on earth. With the freedom of traveling by yacht with no set schedule, swim with playful sea lions, search for rare pink iguanas and dive with giant schools of hammerhead sharks. Stop off at various islands and hike to the rim of volcanic caldera with a private guide or mountain bike through forests. In the ocean, snorkel, kayak or just lounge next to fur seals on a red sand beach. Through Cookson Adventures, explorers will have the chance to take part in unique conservation efforts to protect local populations of giant tortoises and iguanas, with access to remote islands rarely visited.

HOW: Cookson Adventures can create a tailored 7-night adventure to the Galapagos from $200,000 based on 12 guests. This includes yacht charter, guiding and a selection of experiences.


  • The ultimate wildlife taster, with potential to make world-first discoveries by submersible
  • Get involved in impactful conservation projects
  • Stay in wilderness retreats & off-grid hideaways

With access to helicopters, off-market lodges and a leading deep-diving vessel, this is the definitive appraisal of a country blessed with truly unique wildlife and landscapes.  Soar over its active volcanoes by helicopter, accompanied by an expert volcanologist and reach otherwise-inaccessible mountain biking routes. On land, guests can set up jaguar camera traps in the rainforest canopy, explore the rainforest on a night hike and off-road through remote villages. Exploring the ocean is no less thrilling, where guests can learn to free dive with a professional and swim alongside thousand-strong megapods of dolphins. Every aspect of this itinerary gives guests access to some of the continent’s top conservationists. It’s all knitted together by submersible dives to normally unreachable depths to observe the extraordinary marine life, with the potential to make world-first discoveries. For true explorers, there’s even the opportunity to be the first to dive with researchers at a location, where huge aggregations of tiger sharks are known to congregate. Nights will be spent in Costa Rica’s most exclusive off-grid eco-lodges, wilderness retreats and beachfront hideaways.

HOW: Cookson Adventures can create a tailored 7-night adventure to Costa Rica from $500,000 based 6-12 guests. This includes accommodation, access to a leading research vessel with a submersible diving and a selection of experiences.

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