One&Only Aesthesis to Introduce Guerlain Spa

One&Only Aesthesis to Introduce Guerlain Spa

Channeling nostalgic glamour, One&Only Aesthesis is set to unveil a haven of holistic wellness in partnership with Guerlain when it opens its doors on 11 November 2023, marking the debut of the first-ever Guerlain Spa in Greece. In a land renowned for transformative natural remedies, the Guerlain Spa takes inspiration from the natural environment and traditional practices to create a truly unique Grecian wellness experience.

The resort is set in southern Athens in a tucked-away paradise on the dramatic Glyfada seafront encircled by protected forests. One&Only Aesthesis harks back to the golden days of the Athenian Rivera, narrating the timeless glamour, modern comfort, and idiosyncratic soulful experiences, which also resonates with Guerlain’s brand ethos.

The Guerlain Spa at One&Only Aesthesis reveals its design thoughtfully curated to capture the essence of the Athenian Riviera, offering guests a truly indulgent getaway. The Spa offers ten exquisite treatment rooms including two spacious double Suites, a sauna, a hammam, an outdoor pool and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Known for its extraordinary combinations of traditional massages and innovative gestures, Guerlain features its signature treatments, as well as unique experiences designed exclusively for the One&Only Aesthesis, in harmony with the glamourous facet of this Aegean destination. ‘The Nymph of the Athenian Riviera’ exalts beauty and feminity through a multisensory ritual. It includes a sensorial footbath perfumed with the tender scent of Rose Cherie, a facial performed with rose quartz stone and a body scrub followed by an exquisite massage. While ‘Legendary Strength’ is an intense deep muscular ritual for the body and mind enhanced with hot spheres to improve musculature, overall posture, and mind power.

The Aesthetic Know-How

Since opening L’Institut Guerlain in 1939, the Maison has cultivated a unique aesthetic expertiseexpressed for over eighty years to enhance the beauty and well-being of its guests.

Today, Guerlain’s aesthetic know-how continues to be cultivated and perfected, constantly pushing back the boundaries of the approach and always keeping pace with new scientific or technical discoveries and avantgarde trends. The House never stops reinventing its protocols and gestures to be at the forefront of wellness and aesthetic innovation with for instance the Imperial Face Sculpt, expressing the quintessence of Guerlain’s facialist expertise. It also constantly proposes new approaches for ultimate sensoriality, such as sonotherapy, a world first massages collection where gestures and music are developed in harmony for magnified sensations and emotions.

A Sensory Journey

A Guerlain treatment is, in fact, an essential moment of self-indulgence. All the senses are awakened by the gestures of the Beauty Experts, who are trained in Guerlain rituals and knowledgeable of the full range of Guerlain’s sumptuous products. They are highly attentive and excellent Beauty Experts who explain their techniques during the treatment and provide advice and coaching. They pay attention to all signs and strive to create a reassuring atmosphere that encourages relaxation.

At the very beginning of the session, they invite the client to explore olfactory universes by closing their eyes and smelling 4 Elixirs, 4 invitations to travel. Each client chooses their own perfect destination. Whether their choice is relaxing, enveloping, energising, or detoxifying, they will be able to disconnect and indulge in a truly sensorial experience.

A Holistic Combination

The spa treatments are combined with the Guerlain beauty studio, a series of wellness programs and workshops for children, and iconic Guerlain products. Designed to achieve balance and a complete revival of body, mind and soul, the wellness programs target sleep recovery, boosting immunity and targeted detox for men and women alike.

Guerlain has also developed playful workshops around relaxation for children to help enhance their creativity and senses. Prolonging the experience, the Guerlain Spa will also offer privileged access to the brand’s extensive range of iconic make-up, skincare and fragrances. Additionally, the spa will be the only retail location in Greece offering the exclusive Perfumery of Art collection.

One&Only Aesthesis will begin welcoming guests from 11 November 2023. For reservations or more information, please visit