PoshSeats.Net First and Business Class Online Review Site Launches

PoshSeats.Net First and Business Class Online Review Site Launches
It's primarily video-based allowing the user to upload video and photos to support their review. The reviews themselves are based on a number of factors including the width and pitch of the seat, the comfort of the airport lounge, the facilities offered onboard the aircraft, the attentiveness of the cabin crew and the ease of check-in. It's about scrutinising the Airlines premium offering and allowing potential customers the chance to see some impartial reviews, and watch videos and see real pictures before they pay a considerable sum for the privilege.

The site allows users to review 209 IATA registered airlines and that list is constantly increasing. The user is able to rate (between 1 and 5) their experience of the following:

• Seat Comfort
• Privacy
• Catering
• Lounge
• Check In
• Cabin Crew

This rating is then averaged out to give the airline an overall user rating which is displayed per review. The site also displays the airline's official star SkyTrax rating and country of operation.

Users are able to register on the site allowing them to post multiple reviews under a unique screen name. This isn't mandatory though as anyone posting a review anonymously will be classed as a "Guest". Features to follow in the coming months include reader messages to reviewer, reader comments, guestbooks and more in-depth, optional profiling for those that require it. There are also discussions afoot regarding the posting of reviews via a mobile device.

The site came into fruition after hearing stories of travellers disappointed with the actual facilities onboard the world airlines compared to what they had been led to believe. Airlines often promote their newly-fitted aircraft with "Next generation" seating in the majority of their advertising and this is fine if you're fortunate enough to travel on said aircraft. However with the premium products in this sector changing on a regular basis, many airline fleets still utilise older style seats on all but the most profitable of their routes. Additionally they don't offer any kind of discount for this lesser quality product.

This site gives its users the heads up before it they board, i.e. the point of no return. It allows reviewers to enter information such as aircraft type, the route flown and even the aircraft number enabling readers to discover exactly what configuration they can expect when they travel and, more importantly, what they get for their money.

The use of video on the site also enhances the review further highlighting exactly what's on offer to the customer ensuring they make an informed decision before they book their ticket. With video on the web hailed as the "future of the internet" the site is firmly placing itself at the forefront of web 2.0 technology.