Oscar Lucien Ono presents Romi restaurant at Tropical Hotel in St Barth

Oscar Lucien Ono presents Romi restaurant at Tropical Hotel in St Barth

In Saint Barth, on the most exclusive island of the Caribbean, a few steps from the beach of Saint-Jean, the Tropical Hotel unveils its restaurant Romi in a chic and exotic setting imagined by the decorator Oscar Lucien Ono.

Romi is a gastronomic gem that pays tribute to Indonesian cuisine with rich and varied flavors. Chef Juna Rorimpandey has crafted a menu showcasing Indonesian cuisine's bold flavors and vibrant colors. From Sumatra's aromatic spices to Bali's delicate flavors, each dish at Romi is a tribute to the diversity and complexity of aromas.

In terms of decoration, nature is everywhere. Lush vegetation, tropical motifs, and pastel colors create a colorful plant oasis, bringing freshness and intimacy to the different spaces: restaurant, bar, and patio.

Natural elements such as straw, wood, and bamboo are sublimated with precious golden finishes and combined with other materials such as ceramics, creating a dialogue of multiple inspirations around mythical places of escape: Miami, Palm Springs, or the French Riviera. Pale pink, mint green, coral, and turquoise blend with wrought iron, stripes, and tropical frescoes. This mix reinforces the singularity of this new place and its new chic and liberated influences, evoking the French Riviera as much as Palm Springs in the middle of the 20th century.

Image credit: DIDIER DEMAS