Explore the Depths of the South Pacific in 3 Days at Laucala Island

Explore the Depths of the South Pacific in 3 Days at Laucala Island
The ultra-all-inclusive resort has a wide collection of aqua activities that range from relaxing to adventurous, including inner reef diving, underwater scooter adventures, sunset cruises and the chance to ride one of the three James Bond style submarines in the world, all included in the resort package price.

Guests can also discover the island's Water Sports Centre; home to a fleet of 14 boats, including high-tech vessels for game fishing, sailboats and traditional Fijian outriggers ideal for archipelago discovery, at an additional price. What's more, Laucala offer snorkelling equipment and PADI certified dive courses for guests to get up close and personal with hawksbill turtles and angelfish.

Laucala underwater

Day One – Underwater Life

Suggested ideas for day one include an unforgettable experience on the Submarine Excursion, an amenity included in the resort's daily rates. The DeepFlight Super Falcon, worth approx. US$1.7 million, works like an underwater airplane with movable wings to navigate underwater and guests can ride among the rays, reef sharks and hawksbill turtles just offshore.

Teeming with marine life, the warm tropical waters at Laucala are home to lionfish, moray eels and angelfish too, which make for unparalleled inner reef diving and snorkelling trips around the island.

But the underwater adventures don't stop there, with deep sea fishing excursions available onboard the Riviera Yacht (half/full day trip - US$2,000 / US$3,500) guests can enjoy the freshest catch and conclude day one with an amazing seafood dinner at any of the resort restaurants or within the privacy of the villa.

Day Two – Sink or Swim

The second day will begin with some scuba diving for beginners, which is available for guests as part of their resort package and guests are also able to dive at a choice of more than 9 breathtaking inner reef locations.

For the explorers, a PADI dive certification course is also offered. Prices range from US$365 to US$430, for the more advanced, open water dives are also available on the outer reefs.

Other ways to grasp the splendor of this incredible destination is to see the island on a jet ski, it is a fun way to get a perspective of the size and beauty of Laucala or for adventure seekers, an underwater scooter is sure to delight.

Laucala underwater

Day Three – Surf, Ski and Cruise

More aqua adventures await on the third day, with additional watersport inclusions that will get the heart pumping with lots of sporty action; wakeboarding, water skiing, kite surfing, paddle boarding and kayak touring around the island are perfect for all the adventure seekers.

But the trip to Laucala would not be complete without a sunset cruise on one of the island's sailboats, providing incredible views to enjoy memorable moment with friends, family or loved ones.

Inclusive in the package, guests are encouraged to enjoy the South Pacific at their own pace and to make the trip that little bit more special, the island's luxury yacht, Riviera, or the classic sailing yacht, the Rere Ahi is also available at an additional cost.

Visit website: www.laucala.com