Oxygen Plus (O+) Can Make Traveling Easier

Oxygen Plus (O+) Can Make Traveling Easier
Airplane woes can range from dehydration to ear pain to swelling. Flying can also do a number on your oxygen intake. The pressurized air inside the cabin contains lower-than-normal levels of oxygen and has been known to lead to minor oxygen deprivation, which can result in immediate nausea and travel sickness – especially when combined with the motion.

Research has shown that a quick and easy increase of oxygen intake can help you to revitalize and restore your body in an all-natural way, preventing further sickness and vomiting.

Rejuvenate the body with Oxygen Plus (O+), a line of portable, supplemental oxygen. With just a push of a nozzle, users are able to inhale 50 or more breaths of 95% pure oxygen, which is proven to help with:

• Offsetting dizziness, fatigue and headaches
• Increasing energy levels by providing a natural alternative to caffeine
• Clearing mental fog and improving cognitive performance

The line, which features light-weight canisters of concentrated oxygen, is available in natural, peppermint and pink grapefruit flavors, and in the O+ Mini or O+ Skinni canister.

Visit website: http://www.oxygenplus.com/