P41 Bar & Coctelarium at Hotel Arts Barcelona Keeps Shaking Up the City’s Cocktail Scene

P41 Bar & Coctelarium at Hotel Arts Barcelona Keeps Shaking Up the City’s Cocktail Scene

Dripping with personality, P41 Bar & Coctelarium at Hotel Arts Barcelona is an imaginative and audacious mixology concept with a promise to take cocktail connoisseurs and casual barflies alike outside their comfort zone with craft cocktails and unique liquid flavors.

Since P41’s opening in an urban resort that towers 44 floors above the Mediterranean Sea back in 2018, the venue keeps reinventing itself by always adding an element of surprise to its focused and delicious concoctions. As a cocktail bar where rules don’t apply, P41 has a particular allure for those craving globe-trotting adventure and intrigue.

Reflecting P41’s function as a hive of activity, encounters and cultural melting is a striking art installation by Inocuo, an internationally-acclaimed, Barcelona-based multidisciplinary artist. Rendered in ceramic — a brittle, living material which, like cocktail flavors, waxes and wanes depending on the temperature — the centerpiece represents “a liquid mapping of parallel 41”. Inocuo reinforces the core concept with a flight-map layer of copper fibers that radiate from key points of Parallel 41 like a global metadata network, capturing the true essence of the venue.

At the far end of the bar lies the enigmatic Coctelarium, a space of inspiration and didactic exchange where award-winning head mixologist Diego Baud and his team of bartenders encourage experimentation with ingredients, aromas and sensations from around the world. Inspired by Parallel 41, Barcelona’s point of latitude, the venue’s hand-crafted cocktails are influenced by the tastes, textures and rituals of locations running along the same coordinates. But while the concept is global, the bar prides itself on its zero-kilometer philosophy, using homemade syrups, handpicked spices and products sourced as locally as possible.

From Rome and Istanbul to Oporto and Shenyang, the cocktails on the ‘Boarding Pass’ menu spotlight ingredients and flavours synonymous with those very locales. In the shape-shifting El Mercat cocktail, for example, it’s the seasonal ingredients that set the tone to the experience, just as they do at Barcelona’s bustling markets; while the zany Zonguldak Sour inspired by Turkey’s fruit orchards combines apple brandy, peach brandy, fresh lemon and egg white to achieve its distinctive Turkish Delight taste.

The creative genius behind the original creations of P41, head mixologist Diego Baud has numerous accolades to his name, including the winner of Spain’s Top 7 Negroni and Top 5 Gin & Tonic and Gin Cocktail with Gin Mare competitions, and finishing in the top 20 mixologists in Spain in the World Class Competition. In Barcelona, this native Coloradan found the ideal environment to continue feeding his imagination and putting his stamp on the latest mixology trends.

After winning The Essence Century Cocktails Competition in the bourbon distillates category in 2015, he dedicated himself to sharing his passion with fellow cocktail enthusiasts. Guests of Hotel Arts Barcelona come to P41 for Diego’s signature creations made with fresh, sustainable and organic ingredients that he mixes with the best spirits on the market.

For an even closer look at P41’s bar-side chemistry, the venue launched its Liquid Journey program offering a cycle of pop-up workshops and special events in which exceptional invitees from the world of liquid flavors share their passion and expertise with budding mixologists.

For more information about P41 and to make a reservation, please visit p41bar.com/en. To learn more about Hotel Arts Barcelona, please visit www.hotelartsbarcelona.com/en/.