Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort Inspires Total Wellness

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort Inspires Total Wellness
The Wana Spa Day Packages start from a 2-day/3-hour package at THB 3,900, which includes a choice of aromatherapy oil body massage, as well as foot reflexology and a back massage. A 3-day and 4-day package is also available, whilst the 5-day package includes seven hours of pure indulgence.

The beachfront resort of Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort is nestled in picture perfect Loh Ba Gao Bay, one of the Phi Phi Don’s most spectacular locations. Wana Spa is set in a hillside forest location with additional treatment “salas” by the sandy shore looking out across the crystalline waters of the Andaman Sea. The idyllic island location instantly creates a feeling of truly letting go.

The resort’s General Manager, Chao Treenawong, highlights the growing interest in wellness breaks in remote yet comfortable natural locations like Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort.

Wellness seekers at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort can choose their preferred relaxing aromatherapy oil.

“Part of the experience of recharging your batteries and taking some ‘me time’ on a beach holiday is indulging in spa treatments. Today, vacationers are taking a more holistic approach to their precious time away and want their body, mind spirit to truly unwind. The multi-day spa packages at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort turn a simple beach holiday on an island in the sun into a regenerative wellness experience.”

Wana Spa Day Packages leave guests feeling rejuvenated and energized as an inner sense of balance is restored through daily treatments that can be customized to suit each individual’s physical needs.

Additional spa therapies include exfoliating body scrubs using ingredients such as Andaman sea salt, soothing body wraps using banana leaves, head and hot stone massages for meditative relaxation and hydrating facials for radiant-looking skin.

Wana Spa Day Packages, for 2-5 days, also include traditional Thai massage and hot towel and herbal ball compresses for an authentically local wellness experience. Beyond these packages Wana Spa also offers a unique, varied and enticing menu of individual therapies and couples’ treatments.

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