Places to Go to Witness the Northern Lights 

Places to Go to Witness the Northern Lights 

Northern lights are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. They are also called aurora borealis or polar lights. The lights colliding together create a stunning view of colors flowing in the sky.

Northern lights can be seen in a lot of places, but of course, some are better than others. This article will help you with finding out which places to go to witness the Northern lights.

This celestial phenomenon occurs when gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere collide with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere.

Northern light colors are usually yellow and green. Sometimes, they can turn red or even purple. Red ones are super rare and they are produced by high-altitude oxygen. Here are the best 5 places for you to witness the Northern lights:

1. Lapland, Finland

Finland is located in Northeast Europe and Lapland is the northernmost and the largest region of Finland. Finland provides views of Northern lights for more than 200 days a year. You should be able to see them every clear night between September and March.

Finland even has outdoor igloo accommodations, where you can see the sky from the igloo. There’s a lot to explore, so in addition to seeing the Arctic lights, you will have a great experience doing other fun things in Finland.

Finland is Santa’s home, so this would also be a perfect place for a fun family holiday. You can go on various day trips and explore everything Finland has to offer.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is an amazing country everyone should visit. It has black sand beaches, amazing waterfalls, geysers, and untouched nature. Another amazing thing about Iceland is that you can see the polar lights there.

In Iceland, the best time to spot them is from September to April. It’s always best to go out of the city, to get a better view of the Northern lights. You would be able to watch them from Lake Kleifarvatn which is the largest lake in the Reykjavik peninsula.

Other great places where you can see the polar lights near Reykjavik are:

  • Kirkjufell
  • Lake Hvaleyrarvatn
  • Garður
  • Grótta lighthouse in Seltjarnarnes

All you have to do is make sure you dress warm and you will be ready to go. Choose quality brands like Stitch & Simon that will keep you warm on cold winter nights. You will love everything Iceland has to offer and you will remember the journey for the rest of your life.

3. Abisko, Sweden

If you are looking to see the Northern lights, Abisko is the perfect place to do so. It’s the premier place to see them in Swedish Lapland. Abisko is a very small town but it has become a great tourist destination because of the lights.

They also show up from September to April, similar to Iceland. Due to the high volume of visitors, there are great tours that you can book and go searching for them in a group. It would be a great way to meet new people while enjoying the polar lights searching adventure. Wearing a winter cap might mess up your haircut but it will help you to stay warm!

4. Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska is a great place to visit. Here you can witness the aurora borealis. The season in Alaska begins around August 21st and lasts until April 21st. Mostly every night that the skies are clear, you will see the lights show up. You can visit some of the popular viewpoints or go on many different tours around the city. There are also other super fun activities in Alaska to enjoy.

5. Shetland, Scotland

Scotland can be a perfect place to see the Northern lights. The further you are to the north, the better chance you have of seeing them. The Northern lights are supposed to show up around mid-October and mid-March.

Other than Shetland, there are other great places in Scotland where you can notice the polar lights. They can be seen in Orkney, Caithness, Skye, Ullapool, etc… You can also travel to other nearby countries to try to find an even better view.

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