A Guide to Portugal Visa Types

A Guide to Portugal Visa Types

Today, it is not customary to limit one's stay within the boundaries of a certain region. There are numerous options available to modern mankind to move to another country. It can be education, career growth, change of residence, expansion of activities, political situation and many others.

Migration implies moving to a country with a comfortable standard of living and a reliable economic situation. This is exactly what Portugal can be called. The mild climate, plenty of sunshine, endless beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean attract foreigners. With fairly high wages, prices for products and social services are more than affordable. And the calm, measured rhythm has a positive effect on life expectancy.

Local authorities have developed several options to attract foreign capital. One of them is a Portugal golden visa. Participation in this project allows you to get a residence permit.

Portugal Golden Visa

This service is relevant for those who wish to obtain a residence permit in Europe in exchange for investments. This may be the purchase of real estate, investment in a fund or transfer of capital. Among the advantages is the possibility of tourist travel in the Schengen zone countries without the need for additional documentation. And after five years it is allowed to apply for citizenship.

Portugal residence visa is not issued to everyone. Only to persons who meet the requirements:

  • age of majority;
  • absence of a criminal record;
  • strict adherence to the residency guidelines;
  • payment of compulsory expenses.

Since family members can be included in the application, this service is quite popular among young families.

Portugal D7 Visa

An equally popular proposal for obtaining a residence permit. More suitable for people with passive income or retirees receiving a pension of the Portuguese minimum wage. However, there are other criteria:

  • stable passive income;
  • availability of a sufficient amount in the account;
  • the possibility to spend a significant part of the time.

With this visa, the individual can stay in the chosen destination for at least six consecutive months. This is a great opportunity to spend time enjoying the comfortable climate, marvelous views and quality social services. The calm rhythm of life is ideal for elderly people.

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

If you are not tied to the office, it is suggested to familiarize yourself with this option. This is a favorable offer for specialists working remotely, freelancers. You can organize a workplace in a picturesque corner of nature, enjoying the surrounding beauty. Local cuisine is no less admired: a rich choice of seafood, fresh seasonal fruits and lots of vegetables. Digital Nomad Visa is available to persons whose monthly income exceeds €3000 on condition of renting, buying a residence. This service allows investors to stay in the country for two years, with subsequent extension. It is quite easy to work in such conditions. In addition, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the rich culture of another country.

Other Portugal Visa Options

Local authorities offer favorable conditions for newcomers, thus strengthening their own economy. Apart from the above-mentioned types, a foreigner can get a long term visa in other ways as well. Here is a complete Portugal visas guide:

  1. Employment in Portuguese companies. These can be people with or without higher education. For the first category with a recommended salary of 1400 euros or more, visa-D3 and HQA are available. For visa-D1, it is enough to present a contract with at least 12 months of validity.
  2. Business Financing. Business people can safely apply for a startup visa or visa-D2 depending on the type of activity. The main requirement is to have a certain amount of money in the bank account.
  3. Obtaining education. These can be students who have received an offer to study at bachelor's, master's and higher programs. It is required to provide an invitation and confirm the possibility of self-support.
  4. Internship. For such users, a special type of visa is provided. There is an exchange program for high school students. It is required to attach an invitation letter and confirm the availability of sufficient funds in the account.
  5. Family reunification. A close relative can apply for relocation of other family members. This requires documented proof of the degree of kinship, the availability of a suitable area to live in and a sum of money to provide.

You can choose the Portugal visa types that suit your needs. Detailed information is available at immigrantinvest.com.

Bottom Line

It is not advisable to deal with the execution of documents on your own. It is better to contact a specialized company. An experienced specialist will help to take into account the smallest nuances, which, of course, will increase the likelihood of a positive decision in the issuance of a Portugal investor visa. You can get a "Golden visa" in several ways. However, under any criteria, a similar stage is observed:

  • collection of mandatory documents;
  • comprehensive check to minimize the risk of a negative decision;
  • obtaining a Portuguese identification code;
  • opening an account in a local bank;
  • choosing an investment option;
  • application submission;
  • submission of fingerprints

The mandatory period of stay in the country is at least seven days. After two years, you will need to extend the service.

Do not be lost in doubts, call a specialist right now and confidently start a new life!