Postcard from Puerto Vallarta – Mexico’s Lively & Adventurous Hotspot

Postcard from Puerto Vallarta – Mexico’s Lively & Adventurous Hotspot

Puerto Vallarta is a coveted Mexican hostpot, where a lush jungle landscape meets miraculous, turquoise waters. The renowned destination is home to many luxury resorts including the adults-only Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca Preserve & Spa Puerto Vallarta, both ideal havens to experience the best that the seaside locale has to offer. These stunning all-inclusive resorts provide guests with a suite of personalized amenities and several on- and off-site excursions to experience the best in culinary, health and fitness, adventure, and  culture. Take your Puerto Vallarta vacation to the next level with these local activities:

Kayak to Los Arcos – No trip to Puerto Vallarta is complete without visiting the breathtaking Los Arcos in Banderas Bay.  A National Marine Park, the naturally occurring rock formations are named for its monumental arch-like structure that emerges from the sea. As the surrounding area is home to a rich ecosystem of marine life, it’s a remarkable site to snorkel, dive, whale watch, and more. Pro tip: Book a kayak tour from the Garza Blanca Preserve beach and let a seasoned professional lead the way through this once-in-a-lifetime excursion!

Savor, Sip, and Shop at TierraLuna Village – TierraLuna Village is the area’s newest and hottest local hub, where art, gastronomy, and culture converge.  Featuring shopping, dining, fitness classes, and nightly entertainment, this open-air venue with ocean views is only steps away from both resorts. TierraLuna Village hosts a variety of events offered to both hotel guests, locals and visitors alike; from art walks and weekly farmers markets, to live music and cocktail hour, and dining at the newly-opened upscale restaurant, Karuma Gourmet Grill, featuring an elevated menu of sophisticated takes on classic steakhouse items.

Experience the Vivacious Downtown PV – A quick drive from both resorts, downtown Puerto Vallarta is a vibrant, spirited city brimming with culture and a number of Mexico’s finest restaurants, bars, shops, and beaches. While you’re there, check out The Malecon (Seaside Promenade), which is a lively 12-block long boardwalk of coastal shops, art, and interactive sculptures – with foot traffic only!

Tequila Tasting ­– Similar to the production of tequila, Puerto Vallarta resides in the state of Jalisco, there’s simply no better place to taste Mexico’s signature spirit. Hotel Mousai offers a variety of tastings led by an authentic tequila expert, giving guests the chance to sip the area’s finest, añejo, blanco, and reposado tequila under the ionic Orange Tree.