Practical Tips to Choose Your First Watch: What to Pay Attention to?

Practical Tips to Choose Your First Watch: What to Pay Attention to?

In the era of all-functional smartphones, many people hesitate to own a classic watch. Why do we need one, when a cell phone today is equipped with almost everything we need? Well, no gadget saturated with even the most modern electronics can replace the charisma that a traditional timepiece worn on the wrist adds. When deciding to buy Dior watch as one of the beginning of your collection, we should think carefully about what model to choose for ourselves. There are plenty of types of watches on the market, so the choice can sometimes be hard. A poorly chosen timepiece can easily discourage you from wearing it, and thus make you feel like money badly spent. So what should you follow when choosing your first watch? Learn the most important rules!

No watch for every occasion: Determine its purpose

Each of the timepieces available in our offer is assigned to a specific category. This means that it has a clearly defined style and purpose. Some models will pass best for a suit, others for a workout, and still others for extravagant styling. There are, of course, more versatile models that will be easy to match with many styles, and these are usually casual watches, that is, for everyday use, not too eloquent. One of the most common choices in this regard is a watch on a bracelet, preferably silver. It's not too obliging, you can wear it with both formal and non-formal outfits, it doesn't bite with leather goods and adds charm. Usually, it is better to juxtapose it with other silver closet items such as belt buckles, cuff links, jewelry, etc. However, for a timepiece to completely fulfill its role, it should be a reflection of the soul of its owner/holder. Each of us is unique, and so the watch should not be too universal or "whatever". It is worth considering on what occasions it will be worn most often and suggest the categories we have prepared in our store. Under the heading "Purpose" we have sorted the watches in such a way that they will go to people who know exactly when and in what situations they will use them.

Set a price budget

The selection of watches in our store is so huge that Watches of Mayfair can provide a solid assortment with very different price ranges. You should be aware that the price depends on many factors, and not all of them are equally important to our customers. One such dependent is, for example, the brand. Some like prestige and care that the watch reflects their love of luxury and expensive things. Others go for fashion, and in this regard, too, you have to pay more for the brand logo emblazoned on the dial.

Some customers do not want to overpay for the brand itself, looking for a product, for example, at the lowest possible Dior watch price and at the same time the best possible quality. Everyone will find what they need here. Once the budget is set, it will be easier to find out what brands are within his reach. This gives the customer a complete picture of his purchasing options. The easiest way to determine the budget is to use filters or price categories, such as watches up to 100 pounds or watches up to 500 pounds.

There are different types of mechanisms - which will perform better?

Which mechanism in a watch will be the best? There is no single answer to this question because it depends on the customer's desire:

  • The easiest to use and the most well-known is the quartz mechanism. Its operation is based on a replaceable battery, its life usually reaches several years so it is not a big problem.
  • This mechanism is considered the most precise and failure-free because its design is the simplest.

Is it worth buying a quartz watch? Absolutely yes. Those who have clearly defined expectations, like reliable, simple, and proven solutions will certainly be satisfied with this choice.

  • The automatic mechanism is considered to be more noble and prestigious, but its operation often causes trouble for owners, as some delays in its operation are noticeable. This is because these are "watches with a soul" and are driven by the movement of the wrist through the tension of the drive spring. They do not require battery replacement, but you should be mindful of regular maintenance.
  • Automatic watches are bound to come out slightly more expensive compared to quartz watches.

Is it worth buying an automatic watch? The answer is yes. Those who are looking for an elite timepiece with a unique character should focus on reviewing this particular list of products.

What else can the watch be used for?

Choose additional functions! Nowadays we have a choice of watches that are equipped with several additional functions, and what is more interesting, you do not have to overpay for them at all. Casio is one of those companies that offer additional complications in watches while keeping them in an affordable price range. Date, stopwatch, timer, or backlighting do not have to be a feature of sports timepieces only. Many casual and even elegant watches also have some of these options. If we care about specific functions, filters will also help with this. It is also worth knowing that our store offers analog watches such as Lorus and original Dior hand watch, whose most important feature is simplicity.

Final Thoughts

In the debate between traditional watches and smartwatches, the choice ultimately boils down to your lifestyle and preferences. While smartwatches offer advanced functionality and modern features, traditional watches remain timeless classics with their charm and practicality. For those new to wristwear, opting for a traditional watch may be the wiser choice, providing similar functionality at a more affordable price point. Moreover, in formal or rugged environments, such as formal occasions or expeditions, the reliability and durability of a traditional watch often outshine that of a smartwatch. So, whether you're drawn to the allure of technology or the timeless elegance of tradition, both options have their merits in enhancing your collection.