Private Jet Central sees 40% increase in Jet Setting Pets this year

Private Jet Central sees 40% increase in Jet Setting Pets this year
Private Jet Central has seen a 40% increase in global pet travel this year alone. Many pet owners are looking to Private Jet Central to assist them when making their travel plans for them and their beloved pets.

The problems faced by pet owners wishing to travel with their pets overseas are numerous. While some commercial airlines do allow small cats and dogs to travel with their owners in the cabin, larger animals generally have to travel as cargo. While deaths involving the transportation of pets on flights are relatively rare, there are enough of them to cause concern to pet owners. In 2011 there were a reported 224 deaths on flights in the US alone. Most problems are related to issues on the ground rather than in the air as the cargo hold for pets is pressurised and temperature-controlled following take-off although it will be in complete darkness for the duration of the flight. However delays on the ground, cages being crushed and even animals being sent to the wrong destination are all issues that cause concern.

Private Jet Central, take care of all the issues when traveling with pets, from liaison with your vet and the national government department at the destination to ensuring that you and your pets' arrival is stress free and all the paperwork is correct. Private Jet Central will even assist in finding you a supplier of your pets favorite food in the country you are traveling to.

When flying on a private jet your animals are in the cabin with you, so you can travel knowing that your pets' safety and security is assured. With no delays and no dark cages to scare them your pets' health will flourish when you fly on a Private Jet Charter.

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