Private jet charters on the rise for holiday season

Private jet charters on the rise for holiday season

Miami-based private jet provider Welojets has seen a surge in demand during the past weeks for domestic bookings, as a result of the upcoming festivities.

As reported in the latest WingX Business Aviation Bulletin, the U.S. private aviation domestic market continues registering record figures, highlighting the appeal of on-demand travel after the pandemic. That trend will continue well into late November, historically known for a spike in travel demand, and leading private jet companies in the market are anticipating a potential lack of accessibility. One key advice from Welojets: book in advance.

Welojets has registered an increase in requests and bookings and envisions that in the upcoming days, just months away from holiday season, that trend will continue. Accessibility to private jet flights might be an issue if passengers do not book in advance. Nevertheless, Martin Baldoma Jones, CEO of Welojets, emphatically says that there is still time to secure a flight.

“Being proactive and avoiding last-minute bookings is the first step. The second is chartering with a reliable company that has a great relationship with operators nationwide, which increases the potential of accommodating to every client’s needs, even if booking occurs just a few days prior to a holiday, says Baldoma Jones. He adds, “There are plenty of moving parts in the private jet process, from choosing the right aircraft to landing in the closest terminal to destination; a few extra days will grant us the possibility to truly provide the best possible service and adapt to every need.”

The pandemic has altered how travel is perceived. That is no understatement. And private aviation has raised to the occasion and delivered certainty and reliability during unprecedented times. Passengers can control their travel experience; they are less exposed to the virus thanks to reduced contact points in the process and can choose who flies in the cabin. This is one of two main reasons why first-time flyers have increased during the pandemic, while the other is the grounding of commercial aviation.

Snowbirds go south

One of the main private jet routes in the US is New York to Miami, or Teterboro Airport to Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport. Especially during the winter, this route serves as the escape path for the snowbirds, travelers from the northeast and Canada looking for sun and sand in South Florida. Thanksgiving jumpstarts the migration to warmer locations, an increase in demand that also needs to be accounted by private jet providers in the region.

Good thing is that South Florida is potentially one of the best prepared private jet hubs in the world regarding infrastructure and availability. Apart from Miami-Opa Locka Executive, private aircraft also usually land at Miami Executive Airport, Palm Beach International Airport and Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. They all provide great service and strategic locations. In fact, according to WingX, the city pairs with the most departures are West Palm Beach – New York, with 4,310, what represents an increase of 48% compared to 2020, and Miami – New York, with 4,270 movements; a rise of 92% versus the previous year.

Back to booking. Doing it in advance provides a series of special traits and should be standard behavior when traveling throughout the year, but especially vital when planning a trip during holidays. The private jet demand will remain high for Christmas and New Year, and by scheduling in advance passengers will have more available aircraft, the possibility of finding empty leg flights that suit their schedule (usually offered at half price), early allocation of airport slots to secure desired departure and arrival time, less uncertainty and stress.

“It has been more than two years of ongoing pandemic. Although today, restrictions are being lifted and vaccination drives are increasing in the country, what promises better times for the entire travel industry. Passengers want to experience a sense of normality and, travel, will help them achieve that desired state. They need it and deserve it. We will help them get to their happy place with safety, flexibility, and comfort”, concluded Baldoma Jones.

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