Private Trans-Siberian Railway Tour from Mongolia to Moscow

Private Trans-Siberian Railway Tour from Mongolia to Moscow
On a 16-day journey aboard the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express guests will explore an array of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, witness the traditions and folk singing of “Old Believers” who were exiled to Siberia after rebelling against the Russian Orthodox Church, enjoy a delicious home cooked meal with a local family, attend the celebrated Naadam Festival (on July trip), including the opening ceremony, archery and wrestling competitions, explore the Kremlin Fortress, and much more. For additional information on this private Trans-Siberian Railway tour happening July 10-25, 2017 and September 4-19, 2017, visit Prices start at $7,295 per person double.

Days 1-4: UlaanBaatar, Gorkhi-Terelj

Arriving in the capital of Mongolia, UlaanBaatar, visit the Gandan Monastery and explore the National History Museum. Drive to nearby Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, meet a nomadic family living on the steppe, and overnight in an authentic ger, with the option of an afternoon horseback ride. The July trip includes time at Mongolia’s distinctive Naadam Festival back in UlaanBaatar. The September trip includes a visit outside the capital to Mandshir Monastery, built in 1749 and partially restored since its destruction in the 1930s. Board the overnight Trans-Siberian train heading for Siberia.

Days 5-6: Ulan Ude

Arriving in Russia, disembark near the border and drive to Ulan Ude, capital of the Buryat Republic. En route, stop at Hargana, a lovely little Buryat village, to visit the flourishing local school and meet the teachers and students. Tour the most interesting sites in and around Ulan Ude, including the Ivolginsk Datsan, the center of Buddhism in Russia. Pay a visit to a village of Old Believers – members of an Orthodox sect who refused changes to their rituals in the 17th century and were sent to Siberia – and enjoy dinner here.

Days 7-10: Irkutsk, Lake Baikal

Take the day train from Ulan Ude to Irkutsk and enjoy a tour of the city, including the old wooden houses with their carved fretwork. Trace the route of the Old Circumbaikal Railway by boat, Siberian style. Spend a night in Listvyanka village on the shores of UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal. En route to Irkutsk, stop to see the outdoor Wooden Architecture Museum, a collection of authentic houses and community buildings from the 17th century on. Enjoy a home-cooked meal with a local family. Back in Irkutsk, visit the Decembrist House Museum.

Days 11-13: Aboard the Trans-Siberian, Ekaterinburg

Relax for two days as the train rolls through Siberia’s vast taiga forest to Ekaterinburg. Explore the city, including the Church on the Blood, standing over the spot where the last czar and his family were executed.

Days 14-16: Moscow

Explore Moscow’s classic sites, including Red Square, the Armory Museum and the Kremlin. Take a tour of the Moscow Metro: The stations in the city center are showpieces of socialist art. Commemorate the journey from Mongolia to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian with a farewell dinner and celebratory toast.

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