Proposing abroad? Diamond expert reveals what to know about keeping your engagement safe!

Proposing abroad? Diamond expert reveals what to know about keeping your engagement safe!

There is a lot of pressure to do a proposal right because it is a moment you will remember for the rest of your life. Many people desire to escape their regular lives in order to fully enjoy this wonderful occasion by traveling overseas with a loved one who is completely unaware.

Following the exciting news of Nicole Scherzinger's engagement to her now fiancé Thom Evans in the beautiful country of Portugal, Anthony French, diamond expert at luxury jewelers Austen & Blake has shared his expert tips on how to keep your engagement ring safe if, like Thom, you plan to propose abroad this Summer.

  1. Insure, insure, insure!

You’ve invested in a beautiful diamond ring, so the last thing you want is for it to be lost, stolen or seriously damaged. Whilst not quite as romantic as getting engaged, making sure that your ring is insured, either with your existing travel insurance or on a policy of its own, is crucial when thinking about travelling with any fine jewellery. Be sure to use a reputable and authorised insurance company, and make sure to read the fine print in detail to check that your policy covers all the services you need. The insurance process can be arduous but will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

  1. Travel with a copy of the receipt

If you purchased the ring in the UK and plan on bringing it back, there is no need to declare it at customs. However, we’d suggest travelling with a copy of the receipt in the unlikely event that you are challenged about the ring on your return to the UK.

  1. Disguise it as a pair of socks

To avoid misplacing or losing your ring, it’s a good idea to keep it close by in your carry-on luggage to reduce the risk of it going missing in hold luggage or being held up in baggage delays. If you’re worried about your partner rummaging through your bag and spotting the box, try wrapping it in a pair of socks and hiding it at the bottom of your bag or in a small case like a sunglasses case.

  1. Tie a note around the ring box 

When travelling with an engagement ring, do not voluntarily unpack it and place it in the trays at airport security. Platinum, silver and gold will not set off alarms and unpacking it provides an opportunity for your ring to be swiped without you noticing. Instead, keep the ring in your carry on and strictly follow airport regulations to reduce the likelihood of your bag being checked.

In the unfortunate event that your bag needs to be inspected, we’d recommend tying a note around the ring or box stating that “this is an engagement ring. Please keep this a secret” to notify airport staff members of your plans. Most will be delighted to help conceal your romantic plans from your partner. Some airports also offer systems for sneaking your engagement ring through security without arousing any suspicion by contacting the airport in advance, so be sure to check online to see if your departure terminal offers this service.

  1. Pop the question on the first night

You’ve made it to your destination, and now there is the issue of where to store the ring before you pop the question. We’d suggest proposing at the start of your trip so that you can relax and celebrate without the fear of losing, concealing or damaging the ring. It will also set an excellent tone for the rest of the trip and eradicate any proposal nerves at the start of your holiday! However, if you have grand plans and need to hold onto the ring for a few days, there are a couple of steps you can take to keep it safe:

  • Call your hotel or accommodation in advance and make them aware of your proposal arrangements. Most hotels will have a safe you can use, either behind the front desk or in your room.
  • If you don’t have access to a safe, the best place to store it is on your person. Some people recommend safety pinning the ring to the inside of your trousers or pocket, although a safe is a much more secure option.
  1. Remember your special moment with a selfie

You’ve popped the question, and hopefully, your partner said yes, so what’s next? Take a picture of you and your partner purposefully flashing the ring in your hotel room. Not only is this a great way to remember such a special moment, but if the unthinkable happens and the ring is subject to theft or loss, you will need proof of ownership.

  1. Now that you’ve had a successful proposal- keep your ring in a safe place!

A ring can be lost or stolen anywhere in the world, but it’s essential to be mindful of location. If you are staying in a dangerous or unknown area, take steps to conceal the ring by either keeping it in the hotel safe or have your partner use the nifty ring flip trick to hide the stones, leaving only the band exposed. Another helpful tip is to avoid oversharing on social media. You have probably heard about celebrity horror stories of jewellery theft due to geotagged posts and photos. Whilst you may not have thousands of followers, try not to advertise the presence of fine jewellery on social media until you are home safely. It may sound pedantic, but better to be safe than sorry!