Puppy Pampering at 70 Park Avenue

Puppy Pampering at 70 Park Avenue
70 Park Avenue invites you and your furry friend for an exclusive viewing of Team Ruff versus Team Fluff in Silverleaf Tavern with our Rugged Fluff package. With our one-of-a-kind package catering to you AND your pet, you can leave the house to share the thrill of the game together for the first time.

70 Park Avenue's Rugged Fluff package includes:

  • A customized welcome amenity for the owner -- based on Team Fluff or Team Ruff

  • Kimpton's unique pet amenities featuring a plush pet bed, water bowls, pet food and treats!

  • Football shaped toys to allow your pet to have their own in-room Puppy Bowl experience

  • Exclusive viewing of Puppy Bowl XII in Silverleaf Tavern

  • An opportunity to be social with friends and your pup with a pet-friendly happy hour

  • Photo opt with football field backdrop for personal photoshoots with your pet using #Pups4Kimpton hashtags

The Puppy Bowl, hosted by Animal Planet, attracts 13 million viewers each year. Don't miss out on your chance to treat your pup to an experience of a lifetime. Please let me know if you'd like any additional information.

Rates begin at $400 per night. To book, please email PackagesNY@kimptonhotels.com.