Qantas Vacations Features Food & Wine Journeys in Australia

Qantas Vacations Features Food & Wine Journeys in Australia
Qantas Vacations is reminding travelers that Australia is on the list of must-see food and wine destinations. Although it may be the new face at the party, Australia is home to internationally acclaimed chefs who are combining regional ingredients with local flavors to create delicious and inspired culinary delights. The “Taste of Australia” experience is just one of the hand-crafted itineraries in the Qantas Vacations Best of Luxury collection, which takes visitors on an epicurean adventure through three distinct food and wine regions of Australia. The highlights include a private wine journey through Victoria's Yarra Valley, a visit to the Barossa Valley of South Australia to Penfold's Winery where you create your own wine blend, and a seaplane flight over Sydney with champagne tasting and three course dinner.

Yarra Valley hot air balloon

A focus on offering discerning travelers a chance to customize the vacation of their dreams, complete with one-of-a-kind gourmet experiences, seems to be a natural fit for the Best of Luxury Program. As Australia's Food and Wine industry grows and garners international recognition, more foodies are looking to the country to see what all the buzz is about. Tourism Australia, the official national tourism body, is engaging in a global campaign to promote Australia's food and wine experiences. The strategy behind food and wine is that cuisine is now a relevant factor in deciding where to go on a vacation. Australia wants spread the message that the factors that make Australia amazing; natural beauty, friendly locals, and laid-back atmosphere, also make their food and wine amazing. The culture and passion of the country is recognizable in its culinary offerings.

South Australia wine

Qantas Vacations wants to share the culture and passion of Australia with North American travelers. Their Los Angeles based team of South Pacific destination experts are available to fully customize your vacation to include every experience you want and even suggest many spectacular experiences that you may have never heard about. For food and wine enthusiast, itineraries can be crafted to include cooking classes with award-winning chefs or a tasting menu aboard a private yacht. Australian luxury travel, much like Australian food and wine, is vibrant, unique, and waiting to be discovered.

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