4 Reasons to Buy a Wine Decanter

4 Reasons to Buy a Wine Decanter

If you're a wine lover, then you understand that the taste of wine depends on how much air it has been exposed to. Of course, there are several ways that you can enhance the flavor of your wine.

If you want to drink a vintage bottle or if one of those corks broke off from the cork stopper - then decanting is just what you need! So if you've been pondering getting a wine decanter, check out these reasons why you should!

1. Enriches Your Wine

Undoubtedly, a wine decanter can enhance your wine's flavor by aerating it, letting air enter the drink, and softening its notes. This is extremely helpful if you've been storing your wine for a long time or have any age on it. The longer they're kept in storage, the more likely they'll lose their finesse and smoothness.

2. Drinking a Vintage Bottle

If you're drinking an old bottle of wine, it's probably because you want to savor it. The aging process makes your wine better and more intricate, but occasionally the residues at the bottom can drop into a murky mess that leaves thin sediments floating about on.

When you desire to pour yourself a delectable glass at the end of the day, the best way to relish your wine would be to decant it before drinking. This can help revitalize the smooth texture of your wine. It also qualifies some sediment to settle back into suspension before serving, so they don't cloud your next glass!

3. To Separate The Grit

Wine decanters are great for removing the grit that settles at the bottom of your wine bottles. Grit is what remains in a bottle after fermentation has been completed, and it cannot be very pleasant to drink.

It's not bad by any means—in fact, many people like the taste of it! But if you're looking for a smooth, sultry experience with your favorite vintage, you should consider investing in a wine decanter.

4. If The Cork Broke

If the wine cork breaks, don't panic. In most cases, even if small cork particles end up inside, you can sift them out without contaminating your wine. It won't affect its taste or quality.

Pouring the wine through a decanter before serving your guests will ensure you enjoy your festivities without worrying. And the best part is that it's quick and simple!

How To Decant Wine With These Simple Steps

Decanting wine is a simple process, but you should know some facts before doing it.

1. Set it Straight

Place the bottle upright for about twenty-four hours, especially if the bottle is stored horizontally. This will allow any sediments to settle at the bottom of your decanter, making it easier to remove when you pour it into glasses.

2. Gently Tilt the Bottle

Open the wine bottle and tilt it at an angle toward your decanter so that the wine can drip out without disturbing sediments on their way out. If you're going for maximum precision and control, use a special tool called a siphon hose. Make sure to pour slowly to avoid shaking the particles at the bottom.

3. Work in the Light

Set the decanter on a table and place the light source behind it. That way, any particles trying to sneak out of the bottle can be easy to spot, and you can stop. Once you've emptied most of the liquid, set down the wine bottle with about an ounce of liquid remaining with the particles.

4. Transfer the Contents

Now that you've separated the solid particles, you'll be left with a smooth, clear liquid, and you can pour your wine into your favorite wine glass. Serve and enjoy responsibly!

Wrapping Up

If you're searching for a way to accentuate your wine and elegantly appreciate its taste, then a decanter is the perfect solution. It will allow you to enjoy your wine without worrying about accidentally breaking it or spilling it all over the place while pouring.

The best part is that they're not hard to find! You can get one made from glass or crystal, so plenty of options are available depending on what type of look suits your tastes best.