5 Reasons to Use VPN While Traveling

5 Reasons to Use VPN While Traveling

As a modern traveler, you’re getting the best of both worlds. Just think about it: traveling has never been easier, quicker, more comfortable, and even more affordable. Sure, the cost of an airplane ticket can be seen as pretty high, but if you compare it to some of the previous centuries, some people sold their homes to board a ship. No one is selling an apartment or a house to cover the cost of a flight in 2024.

Thanks to modern devices and access to the internet, people can easily stay in touch with people back at home and even enjoy their usual online activity. Sometimes, however, to access all of this, you’ll have to use the right software. One of these digital tools is VPN and here are the top five reasons you should use it while traveling.

Access geo-restricted content

When you travel abroad, you may find that some content that you’re used to watching or using isn’t available at your new location. While this can be mildly inconveniencing you, it could also morph into a huge problem. Why? Well, mostly because this could be content that you need for work or platforms that you rely on on a daily basis.

One of the best ways to avoid these geo-restrictions is just to get yourself the best mobile VPN that you can find.

Even if it were just a bit of content, is there a real reason you should deny yourself the pleasure? Just think about it. Late at night, when you drag yourself back to your hotel room, you’ll want to watch the next episode of the show you started before embarking; it’s just one download away.

Also, there are so many free VPNs, but even if you get a premium one, just revise how much you’re paying for this journey and all the little conveniences. Why not just add this to the list and eliminate one significant problem from the list?

Avoiding local censorship

Different countries have different levels of free speech, but even if the country is not known for its censorship, chances are that you’ll be fed news that is a bit more biased when you are in a certain location.

For instance, when traveling to India, you’ll find that its free speech laws are not the same as the ones in the US or UK. Therefore, the only way to maintain the level of information flow that you’re used to is to actually download and leverage a VPN.

It’s important to remember that some countries are directly involved in a lot of international drama and controversy, which is why getting your information from just the local news sources won’t have a great result.

These are the so-called epistemic chambers, where, while you are getting the right information, you’re not getting all the information. What you’re getting is the info that supports one side of the argument, while all the contradictory data is either deliberately or unintentionally omitted.

This is the main reason why people who already have some political beliefs usually follow news sources that just echo their pre-existing beliefs. They want to hear what they already believe, and these news sources find it profitable to do so.

You’re traveling to broaden your horizons; don’t let anyone spoon-feed you their beliefs and agendas.

You’ll use unverified networks

When you’re at home, you usually have a pre-set number of networks that you use on a daily basis. First, you have your home network, which is already reliable by default. You have your work network that has extra safety measures and that you’ve probably used for years without an internet. Even if you use public Wi-Fi at a local park or a coffee place, it’s usually the same park and the same coffee place, which is also quite reliable.

Well, when you travel, every network is unsecured. Just think about it: even a network at your hotel room is unverified until proven differently since you can trust the hotel staff and management, but you have no way of knowing if they’re really trustworthy.

With the use of a VPN, you’ll get an extra layer of protection in the form of top-notch encryption. You’ll also get numerous other security features that are often included in the deal.

Also, you need to keep in mind that using VPNs is not enough. You also need to be very careful when accessing unknown networks. Check the spelling, avoid strange-looking networks without a password, and be extra careful about what you use these public networks for.

You maintain anonymity even while traveling

The main reason people use VPNs is to maintain their anonymity while traveling. Needless to say, when you’re a high-profile traveler, you attract a lot of attention. Not all of this attention is good and going on a vacation could potentially be a risk factor.

Now, you have no idea who has their eyes on your profiles, and they could use both your social media posts and the IP that you’re currently using on your devices to locate you pretty easily. Sure, in most cases, nothing will come of this, but are you really willing to take that chance?

You may also want to keep your online activity anonymous. You see, while there’s nothing inherently wrong with online gambling, some countries have strange gambling laws that you don’t really want to worry too much about.

You’re already using anonymous casinos, as well as sites that are hosted outside of the country, and you’re really not a resident, which means that you’re not necessarily violating any law or regulation. Still, if you want to stay extra safe, you could use a VPN while playing. That way, your activity is kept completely private.

Avoid price discrimination

Just because you’re embarking on a luxury voyage doesn’t mean that you want to be exploited. A lot of online sales are location-coded so that they automatically present higher prices to people from countries with a higher standard (or purchasing power parity). This is the so-called price discrimination, and it’s a serious problem.

One of the problems with this is that the site remembers your original location, and it keeps presenting you with these same prices even when you are already at the target location. This is why, with the use of a VPN, you can easily avoid these scenarios and ensure that you’re paying what everyone else is paying.

This way, you can save money directly on these purchases, but even more importantly, you can ensure that you’re not getting charged more just because the vendor assumes you can afford it.

With this excess money, you can afford additional services, treat yourself, get an extra souvenir, or just pocket it. What matters the most is that you’re not paying more unnecessarily and that you’re taking charge of your own spending. For a lot of people, this is more about principle than the cost itself.

The use of VPN is a massive quality-of-life upgrade for any traveler

Being a traveler in 2024 is much better than doing so at any other point in history. However, if you don’t use the tools that are available to you, you might not be able to feel the difference. Sure, the use of a VPN will not fundamentally change the way you travel; however, it will make your travels more convenient and increase your cybersecurity while abroad.